Xbox June update to add feature to reveal secret achievements

The June Xbox update will be rolling out to all players soon, and it seems to add some quality of life improvements, one of which is the option to reveal secret achievements.

It’s always a little exciting as we head into a new month, as the team at Xbox lets us know what games are going to be. Added to Xbox Game Pass or she Leaving Game Passnext month Games with gold Titles and features included in a file Monthly update. This month includes a smaller background feature that increases the speed and reliability of your devices in detecting available updates, both in your collection and at game launch. The other feature is the addition of an option to reveal secret achievements.

Uncover secret achievements across Xbox

Although we’ve given you the ability to reveal the description and title of secret achievements for some time, Microsoft gave its achievement system a little love in this month’s update. You’ll be able to reveal secret achievements anywhere you use to view your achievements: Xbox consoles, Xbox app on Android, iOS, and Windows PC, and Game Bar on PC.

Revealing a secret achievement will allow you to see its name, description, and Gamerscore value. To reveal a secret achievement, head to game activity tab, click achievementsscroll down to File secret achievement you want to detect, then tap reveal details. If you want to hide the achievement again after a peek, just follow the same steps again to bring it back to its original setting.

What do you think about this news? Are you glad Microsoft is paying so little attention to the achievement system? Let us know below!

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