Xbox owners will finally be able to connect to Discord voice chats from their consoles

The controversy announced today that it is Finally adding voice chat integration to Xbox consoles.

The addition means that Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One owners will be able to talk to their friends on Discord Voice chats from their consoles, instead of having to use other devices.

Screenshot of a Discord call on the Xbox Dashboard. | Image credit: Discord

In a press release, Discord noted that Xbox Insider will be able to use the voice chat feature on their consoles, starting today. With the feature that will come later for all users. As Discord notes, the feature was Widely Request by Users. Previously, the company allowed Xbox owners to link their accounts, but it could only be used to view information, such as Gamertags.

Discord has also confirmed that Discord Voice Chat on Xbox will allow users to transfer their voice call from the app (desktop or mobile) directly to their consoles using the Xbox mobile app. As you can see from the image below, the transfer process looks very simple.

Image credit: Discord

Image credit: Discord

The announcement of the Xbox’s Discord integration came nearly seven months after the company announced that it had finally allowed PS4 and PS5 owners to link their PSN accounts to their Discord profile.

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