Xbox unveils Nocturnal Vapor special edition controller in swirly green

Microsoft continues to roll out special edition Xbox consoles with wild abandon, and its latest offering is a new addition to its three-strong Vapor lineup, which arrives in the form of the swirly green and slightly darker green Nocturnal Vapor controller.

Night steam, in addition to sounding like a euphemism for fart, is said to be inspired by nature at night. “Every swirl of color is an expression of this expanded landscape,” Microsoft says of the new console. In her latest advertisement“With a unique design for each console – each with its own power and style.”

As with the company's previous Vapor range controllers – the Stormcloud Vapor and Dream Vapor being the other two – the Nocturnal Vapor features a “dynamic smoke design”, here mixing dark and light green. “Feel the allure of the green diamond-pattern rubber grips on the caseback,” the official ad continues, “elevate your experience with a touch of sophistication.”

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It promises up to 40 hours of battery life, and like many special edition consoles, it's compatible with a range of devices, including Xbox Series And if the tie-dye aesthetic with military green appeals to you, the Nocturnal Vapor Special Edition Controller is Available for pre-order now.

It costs £64.99/$69.99 from the Microsoft Store (it will also be available from “local retailers”) and will launch next Tuesday, April 9.

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