12 Reasons to Wish 2022 Happy New Year

Excitement at the end of 2021 was severely dampened by the Omicron variant. So to get on the right foot, RFI has found the good news that 2022 has in store for us.

The first exceptional images from the James-Web telescope

In 2022, are we going back in time? Thanks to its sophisticated tools, The largest telescope ever launched This makes it possible to observe fields of light invisible to the naked eye, especially infrared rays. Enough to know more about the birth of the first stars and galaxies and extraterrestrials, we hope that these other worlds will probably one day discover life, because this light emitted billions of years ago now reaches us in the form of infrared radiation. If all goes well, the first pictures will be expected in the spring.

In France, unsold non-food items can no longer be destroyed

Not wasted anymore. Until now, in France, after-sales items and other stockings were destroyed by incineration. From January 1, 2022, it will be banned. This action, as a result Anti-Waste Act, Purpose “ Manufacturers, importers and distributors must recycle, reuse or recycle unsold non-food items “, To reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions and create new forms of solidarity,” the Ministry of Environmental Change said. Electrical and electronics, batteries, textiles, furniture, ink cartridges, as well as hygiene and baby care products, food storage and cooking equipment, childhood items and entertainment, as well as books and school supplies.

Sign up for World Bank funding for poorer countries

This is the highest amount ever raised by the International Development Association (IDA). This World Bank organization helps the poorest countries on the planet by providing subsidies and loans at low or interest rates for programs that stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty and improve people’s lives. I have to say it was an emergency. These funds, which will be provided for more than three years from July 1, 2022, are intended to help these countries cope with the effects of the health crisis and stimulate their growth. In the middle 74 Beneficial Countries, Most are Africans.

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Sailing cargo to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

On November 10, the Cargo sailing boat grain He left the Saint-Malo dock to sail to the United States with about 10,000 bottles of organic wine on a landing ship in New York before heading to the Dominican Republic to deliver medical equipment. He is scheduled to return to France in February with cocoa and coffee exports. As the maritime sector, which accounts for 2% to 3% of gas emissions, is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050, companies are turning to lower emissions such as cargo. If these technologies and projects have been developed over many years, the French sector should be built by 2022.

New record in electric car sales

Nearly 5.6 million Electric vehicles (Including plug-in hybrids) sold worldwide in 2021. Of the 8.5 million 100% electric and hydrogen cars currently in circulation in the world, 4 million are in circulation in China. There are about 2.5 million people in Europe, while there are more than 1.5 million in the United States. The other two major markets are South Korea and Japan.

Attractive women’s team game

Do you like the game, but are you tired of the controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar and the Olympics in China? That’s good, there’s a great plan for 2022 Girls team game. Mark your calendars. It starts with the Cricket World Cup in New Zealand from March 4 to April 3. We are continuing the Football and African Cup of Nations (July 2-23) in Morocco and the European Championship in England (postponed from July 6 to 31). From August 26 to September 11, it is the Volleyball World Championship and the Basketball World Cup in Australia (September 22-October 1). Finally, the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand (October 8-November 12) was postponed. We hope the epidemic does not spoil the party.

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New Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence

Last November, 193 countries signed the first global agreement to draft a common framework for a charter. Artificial intelligence protocols. Many companies partner with the Data & Trust Alliance to support artificial intelligence detection and the fight against algorithmic dependencies. Most recently, a researcher published technology that can be used to predict breast cancer in healthy people.

Opening of the Jewish Cultural Museum in Fez, Morocco

Farewell to Conflict and Long-Term Culture: The new Museum of Jewish Culture is scheduled to open in Fez in May 2022 with the aim of sending a message of openness and tolerance to the world. Importantly, this is how the Moroccan Jewish community celebrates. ” Convenient National identity is assessed by the Council of Jewish Communities in Morocco. With this second cultural site, the Moroccan Jewish Museum, opened in Casablanca in 1997, will not be the only Jewish museum in the Arab world.

Effective restoration of works of art in Benin and Nigeria

The magnificent bronzes of the ancient kingdom of Benin located in present-day Nigeria are on their way back. So Germany decided to return them in 2022 and promised to return all African works of art plundered during the colonial period. The University of Aberdeen in Scotland and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York have decided to return two of Benin’s bronzes to their collection. The magnificent Edo Museum of West African Art, designed by architect David Adje, will receive them before they open in Benin in 2025, thanks to the construction of a deposit center soon by Nigeria. On the French speaking side, some 26 pieces from the Kwai Franley Museum Returning to Benin in 2022, it will be on display at the refurbished Museum in Oita.

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In France, contraception is free for women under 25

From 2020, contraception will be free for minors. From January 1, health insurance will cover 100% of the cost of contraception All women under 25 years of age. An improvement of about three million people. Free first and second generation hormone pills, associated with hormone contraception, IUD and morning after pill. Excluded from the device: condoms, antiseptic creams, patches, genital rings, third and fourth generation pills and contraceptives.

Release Waganda Forever, To be continued Black leopard

Then ‘The first Black Marvel huge win Released in 2018, it became the ninth highest grossing film of all time, with a sequel scheduled for release in July 2022 in the United States. The lead role played by actor Chadwick Bosman, who died in 2020, will not change. But the cast is directed by young African-American director Ryan Kugler, along with Angela Bassett and Lupita Nyongo.

Philharmonie de Paris is dedicated to hip-hop culture

Glory to the street art! A symbol of this art movement that came from the United States in the 1980s and some have predicted it to be a flash. Hip-hop has become a heavyweight in the music industry today, the history of its major bands like NTM is being told on the big screen, and by 2024, Fractance will even be an Olympic discipline. Music, dance, graffiti … so it’s time to immerse yourself in the history of this culture with the “Hip-Hop 360” exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris until July 22, 2022.

Many promises are full of good news for the year 2022, and RFI offers editorial staff the opportunity to express their congratulations!

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