100 pictures marking the year 2021

Discover our 100 photos of 2021.

The first week of 2021 is not over yet, one of the most important events of the year occurred: on January 6, Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters besieged the Capitol , Interfering with the certification of the results of the presidential election, after a shout-out to massive fraud – the Trump campaign never succeeded in establishing itself in court for lack of evidence. The new manifestation of the split in American society manifested itself until the last day of the billionaire presidency: breaking with the tradition of peaceful transfer of power, he refused to attend Joe’s inauguration ceremony. He had a big grip on the Republican for almost a year.

This year was marked by the persistence of the Govt-19 epidemic that will be experienced by the end of 2021. Pollution logs due to Omicron variation , Although the severity of the disease developed by the infected is significantly weakened by the vaccine, especially the infection.

In addition to the global health crisis, in Afghanistan, the Taliban came back to power. In mid-August, after months of fighting against heavily armed Afghan forces, US troops withdrew in a matter of weeks. The extremists have once again become the masters of the country , The country has been advancing for many years in development, education and women’s rights.

Around the world, the planet has raised warnings: floods and heat waves in Europe and China, earthquakes in Haiti, hurricanes and tornadoes in the United States, Volcanic eruptions in the Canaries And in Iceland, drought and famine in Madagascar … Despite so many natural disasters, despite some climate change experts, the COP26 organized in Glasgow ended with a mixed agreement. Those who warn of the emergency we face .

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