2025 Infiniti QX80: This is it

It has more technology, more power under the hood, and more numbers at its price.

2025 Infiniti QX80

We wouldn't be surprised if you check back for our Infiniti QX Monograph concept post from August 2023. The car you see here looks largely identical, from the air vents and vertically oriented lights flanking the large grille, to the black roof, to the door handles Flowing. But there is one noticeable difference. This is not understandable. It's the new Infiniti QX80 three-row SUV. There is a lot to discuss.


We won't spend much time on the exterior design. This is essentially the Monograph concept in production form, stretching 17.5 feet from nose to tail with its chunky body mounted on an old-school frame. In fact, Infiniti is keen to talk about the QX80's very upright stance, calling it an “anti-wedge look” with a hood that is almost flat as it extends forward.

As with the Monograph concept, an illuminated INFINITI logo resides in the double-arch grille. The long greenhouse stands out with black trim and an available black roof, while the lower, power-operated door handles extend when the SUV is unlocked.

The massive exterior translates to more space inside. Infiniti doesn't have specific numbers to share yet, other than 161.1 cubic feet of total passenger space. Compared to the outgoing model, we're told there's 18 percent more space behind the second-row seats and 54 percent more space behind the third-row seats. A two-row version is not offered.

We haven't seen the interior of the Monograph concept, but now we wish we had. It's a very nice, leather-trimmed cockpit with range-topping Autograph inlays that gets quilted semi-aniline seats complemented by wood and aluminum inlays. As you'd expect, the instrumentation is a digital affair with two 14.3-inch displays combined to create a wide screen that takes up most of the dashboard. A third 9.0-inch screen is located at the front of the center console, angled upward to serve as a base of operations for the QX80's climate control, heated/cooled seat functions, and drive modes.

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The smaller screen uses haptic feedback when operating various functions, giving the driver at least some tactile sensations when doing things like turning up the temperature. Infiniti doesn't explain the system further or if the feedback changes depending on what you touch. But this is not a completely buttonless affair. The steering wheel offers some touch controls, including the means to switch the driver display through a range of themes. Gears are selected through a group of buttons on the center console.

And there's no shortage of things to control in the QX80. Particularly interesting is the variety of cameras that offer all kinds of views from outside and inside, including the so-called Front Wide View. It takes the camera information and creates a 170-degree forward view that is displayed on both displays, giving the driver the ability to see around parked cars, according to Infiniti. There's also an invisible hood view that provides a direct look ahead of the QX80, and we mean that right Before. It's helpful to see obstacles near your front tires, or how close you are to a parking spot.

A feature called Enhanced RoundView is essentially a 360-degree outside camera that helps in parking and tight situations. In-car cameras show front-seat passengers what's going on in the back, and can also be accessed through a smartphone so you can take a peek at any time. And because we live in a connected society that can't function without social media, Infiniti has something called Journey Diary. This will take photos or videos from the front or in-car cameras and upload them to your social channels, for better or worse.

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The technology train doesn't stop at cameras. The QX80 literally keeps occupants cool with biometric cooling, where infrared sensors in the roof detect when someone is hot and automatically adjust individual climate settings. Heated and cooled seats also help here, and in the new QX80, you'll find heated seats in the third row. Massage seats are available for second-row passengers, and everyone can take advantage of the 24-speaker, 1,200-watt Klipsch sound system. It's optional on all models except the range-topping Autograph, but the standard system is still a 600-watt, 14-speaker device.

Infiniti InTouch with built-in Google manages the display. Wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is standard, as are a host of Infiniti's driver assistance and safety systems that come with ProPilot 1.1. Upgrade to ProPilot 2.1 and you'll get hands-free driving in certain situations. There's an optional head-up display for the first time, too.

More power, more gears, more money

There's plenty to keep passengers busy, but what about the driver? The old 5.6-liter V-8 is gone, replaced by a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 with 450 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. That's a significant increase over the V-8, which sends power to either the rear wheels or all four through a 9-speed automatic transmission. Infiniti says the body-on-frame construction has 57 percent more lateral rigidity than the old model, and when equipped with the air suspension, the QX80 itself lowers 1.2 inches at higher speeds for better efficiency. When parking, it can drop 2.8 inches to help people get in and out.

To make the most of the QX80's power absorber, there are five drive modes: Standard, Eco, Sport, Snow and Tow. If none of them suit your tastes, a sixth mode for custom settings is included. Speaking of customization, you can customize the interior lighting with 64 colors that shine through LEDs in the doors and dashboard. Nine exterior colors are available at launch, and you can choose wheels up to 22 inches. If you need to tow, the QX80 is priced at 8,500.

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At launch, the 2025 INFINITI QX80 is available in four trim levels: Pure, Luxe, Sensory and Autograph. Below are the price breakdowns for each piece, including the mandatory $1,995 destination charge.

model price
2025 Infiniti QX80 Pure rear wheel drive $84,445
2025 Infiniti QX80 Pure 4WD $87,545
2025 Infiniti QX80 Luxe rear wheel drive $91,545
2025 Infiniti QX80 Luxe 4WD $94,645
2025 Infiniti QX80 Sensory All-Wheel Drive System $102,640
2025 Infiniti QX80 Autograph 4WD $112,590

The new QX80 is certainly more expensive than the outgoing model, and it's much more in range-topping Autograph guise. In comparison, the BMW X7 fits well into Infiniti's price range. However, the Lexus LX600 still outperforms overall with prices reaching over $130,000.

Will buyers spend more money than ever for Infiniti's new flagship? We'll find out later this summer when the 2025 QX80 goes on sale.

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