A Russian cruise missile hit the Lviv area overnight, killing one person

Ukraine's military says it shot down nine enemy missiles and nine drones.
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Russia has targeted the same infrastructure as in recent days, the governor of the country's western region said.

A Russian strike in the Ukrainian region of Lviv (west) from Saturday to Sunday killed at least one person, the regional governor said, as Kyiv's military said it shot down nine missiles and nine enemy drones.

“Last night, the same critical infrastructure was hit by enemy cruise missiles … which was previously targeted on March 24 and 29. An administrative building was damaged.”Governor Maksim Kositsky said in a telegram, without specifying what kind of infrastructure it would be.

“One person died due to the attack. My condolences to his family. Rescuers are searching through the ruins. There may be others below., he added on Telegram. Ukrainian operator Ukrenergo said on Sunday that the Russian military had again attacked energy infrastructure overnight. “They targeted high voltage substations (…) in southern regions”pointed to this evidence.

Due to the damage, emergency power cuts were imposed in the city of Odessa and the surrounding areas, Ukrenergo said. Earlier on Sunday, the Ukrainian Air Force announced it had shot down nine cruise missiles and nine Russian Shahed explosive drones during nighttime bombing.

Moscow has stepped up its airstrikes against Ukraine in recent weeks, particularly targeting the energy grid, saying it was retaliating for Kyiv's attacks on its border areas. On Friday, Russia carried out massive bombing attacks against Ukraine's electricity grid, severely damaging at least three thermal power plants and prompting Ukrainian authorities to temporarily impose emergency cuts in seven regions.

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Faced with these bombings, Kyiv has asked its Western allies to send more aid, particularly to anti-aircraft defense systems. Without specifying the number of affected users, operator Ukrenergo clarified on Sunday that energy restrictions were still in place in Kharkiv (East) and the city of Krivi Rih.

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