A Russian pilot wants to shoot down a British plane when his missile jams

In the Black Sea, a Russian soldier allegedly misinterpreted instructions from his radio operator on the ground and fired at a surveillance plane.

Amurry Goudanzeis-Pervinquier


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The Russian Su-27 that contributed to the American Reaper crash in the Black Sea. US European Command / Reuters

Had the missile exploded, the incident would have had far-reaching consequences. On September 29, a Russian fighter jet fired a Su-27 missile at a British surveillance aircraft RC-135 Rivet Joint flying over the Black Sea. The New York Times Who believes US secret documents released In social networks. According to two US officials, the Russian pilot misinterpreted instructions from a radar operator on the ground. He locked onto the British plane, was fired upon, but did not launch a missile.

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Last October, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, Narrated the incident as “DangerousWith Members of Parliament. According to him, the fighter launched the missile “nearby“. The minister assured that he had sent.Concerns» To his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu, he replied «An investigation into the circumstances of the incident was conducted and that it was a technical fault of the SU-27“. But the US documents that the shooting was a “Close to being shot down“, or a”Massacre nearby“. A deliberate shot, then.

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This is not the first time the Russian military has fired on Western aircraft since the war in Ukraine began. On March 14, an American MQ-9 Reaper drone Crashed after intercept maneuver Conducted by two Russian Su-27 fighter jets. “Our MQ-9 drone was conducting routine operations in international airspace when it was intercepted and attacked by a Russian aircraft, causing the MQ-9 to crash and cause a total loss.», General Hecker, Commander of Air Forces Europe, commented in a press release. “Russians have a certain aggressionIn interceptions, had commented for Le Figaro Air Corps General (2S) Patrick Sarreux, former commander of strategic air forces, added.This sensitivity increases depending on the geopolitical context“.

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