A Ukrainian strike has killed at least 13 civilians in Donetsk, according to an initial report by the city’s pro-Russian mayor.

What is there to know?

A large number in the capital of the separatist zone of Donetsk (Ukraine). A hit “punishment” In the west of the city, 13 civilians were killed on Monday, September 19, the city’s pro-Russian mayor, Alexei Kemsolin, blamed in a Telegram message. A journalist from France 2 reports that two children are among the victims on Twitter, citing local Telegram channels. For his part, Alexey Kemsolin also mentioned it “The number of injured is yet to be established.”And he called the people “Don’t go out unnecessarily”. This live has now ended.

OSCE employee sentenced to 13 years in prison by pro-Russian separatists. Judges of the Supreme Court of the separatist Luhansk region “Declare Dmitry Chapanov guilty (…) and sentence him to 13 years in prison”, the company said on Monday, as quoted by Ria-Novosti. In prison since April, Dmitry Chapanov is accused by pro-Russian authorities of providing “Confidential Information” For foreign intelligence services, including the US CIA.

Moscow describes the discovery of hundreds of bodies in Isium (Ukraine) as a “lie”. Russia has denied any involvement in the deaths of hundreds of people whose bodies were found in IssiumIn the east of the country. “This is a lie. We will defend the truth in this case.”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. According to Ukrainian officials, more than 440 graves and a mass grave were discovered in mid-September in a forest on the edge of the city, which was seized by Ukrainian forces from the Russian army.

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