Aaron Judge scores 56 and 57 at home in 2022

Boston – Aaron Judge He now stands just four big swings away from 61-year-old Roger Maris’ record-breaking in MLS in a single season, achieving the 56th and 57th major league spots on Tuesday. 7-6 win in overtime Above the Red Sox in Fenway Park.

The referees were tied to single shots in the sixth and eighth games, equalizing the match both times. 56 came on a Nick Pevita hanging curveball that fell in a Boston Bullpup. It came off the judge’s bat at 109.7 mph and traveled 383 feet, according to a Statcast account.

Then at eight, the judge was at it again, sending Garrett Whitlock’s slide over Green Monster in left field for 57. This guy got off the judge’s racket at 100.5 mph, and traveled 389 feet.

This was the tenth Judge multiplayer game of the season; Hank Greenberg holds the MLS record with 11 points in 1938. Alex Rodriguez (2002) and Jamie Foxx (1938) also scored 10.

Judge has not been in five games, though he made it to base in 13 of 24 games he played on Tuesday, and has stayed on track to hit 65 home runs this season.

The 57 home runs is the fourth most hits the Yankees have scored in a season. Maris hit 61 in 1961, while Babe Ruth hit 60 in 1927 and 59 in 1921. Judge’s 57 hit was the most injured Yankees ever hit with a right hand, having outstripped Alex Rodriguez’s 54 in 2007.

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