2022 World Championships: Black Pumas singer Eric Burton spoils national anthem lyrics ahead of Phillies vs Astros

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World Championship 2022 between Phyllis And the Astros There was a bug before the players could enter the field. Houston commissioned Black Pumas singer Eric Burton to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before game one Friday at Minute Maid Park, and while his vocals were strong at times, his lyrical memorization left much to be desired.

Burton, 33, made several mistakes while playing the anthem, including singing, “What Are We So Proud To Be In The Last Twilight Broadcast” not once but twice. take a look:

The crowd was largely lenient with Burton, giving him a standing ovation after his handover. Perhaps the band’s roots in Texas came to his favour.

Burton is not new to performing with the world watching, so it doesn’t seem like the problem is stress. His band, the Black Pumas, have performed vocals at the Grammy Awards, President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the NFL Draft, “Today,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” , “The Late Late Show”, and “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

Whatever the reason for Burton’s fatal mistake, MLB fans can rest assured knowing the world championship can only get better from there. Game 1 between Astros and Phyllis It ended with the victory of the tenth inning for the visitors, as the second game will be held on Saturday evening in Houston.

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