According to one expert, Russia and the United States will “go together” otherwise “this is war”.

The US diplomat on Wednesday called for the election of Vladimir Putin on January 19 “The Quiet Way” Two days before the Russian-US diplomatic confrontation over the Ukrainian crisis. Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border in recent weeks, raising fears of an invasion. While rejecting any attack plan, the Kremlin insists that NATO’s non-magnifying commitment, especially to Ukraine, extend its security guarantees, especially to Ukraine.

Bruno Travesky, Lecturer in National Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations (ENALCO) in Eastern Europe, explains in Franின்ois. “We condemn the agreement of the two powers.” Otherwise “This is war”. The United States says a Russian invasion of Ukraine is possible at any time, but is constantly on the lookout “A Diplomatic Solution”. Bruno Travesky did not believe in the Russian attack. “Given the economic situation in Ukraine, I do not think Russia has any real interest in bringing Ukraine under control.”, He analyzes. Russia’s idea is to do “Pressure on global negotiations”, According to him.

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franceinfo: Is a Russian attack possible at any time?

Bruno Trovsky: No, I do not think so, otherwise it would have happened a long time ago. Given the economic situation in Ukraine, I do not think Russia has much interest in controlling Ukraine at this time. On the other hand, I think Russia is pushing for global negotiations, Ukraine being the only element in the international game.

“Obviously, for Russia, a US presence or a NATO presence in Ukraine is unacceptable, which means it’s four minutes away from the Moscow bombs.”

Bruno Travesky, Lecturer at Inalco

at franceinfo

For the Russians, it was a question of restoring balance between Russia, the United States and NATO. Ukraine is the only training ground, among other things, one of the first training grounds between the two powers.

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To whom is Putin sending this message?

Assuming that NATO is only an instrument of the United States, he addresses it to the United States. This clearly explains why he decided to negotiate directly with Washington. This can obviously upset Europeans who want to be a part of it. But for now, Putin is certainly targeting the United States and trying to reach a global agreement on a number of issues, especially on the question of NATO expansion, which he does not agree with.

Is the face-off planned for Friday between US diplomat Anthony Blingen and his Russian envoy Sergei Lavrov already a victory for Moscow?

A victory for Moscow, but still a victory for the general public at large, because it is condemned that the two powers must be together anyway. If they do not agree, it could be a war, not just in Ukraine, but a world war. However, I believe both heroes do not want a nuclear war. Russia is demanding an agreement blocking NATO’s expansion, especially for Ukraine and Georgia, to abandon the maneuvers and military maneuvers organized by the Americans and their allies in Eastern Europe.

Can Russia win?

He said they had set up the highest bar in Ukraine and, above all, could approach the US borders as a reminder that they could also place Russian troops in Cuba. This is the source of the language of radical commitment aimed at creating a balance of power, roughly speaking of the compromise we had during the Cuban crisis of the 1960s.

What game can Europe play?

At this time, the Europeans were not really in large numbers. Vladimir Putin, on several occasions, showed his sympathy for Europeans who, according to him, did not take enough independence. They want Europe to become another long-term partner. But for now, he suggests, Europeans should show a more independent policy of independence from Washington.

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