After 280,000 attempts, the final level of Super Mario Maker was proven to be fake, and now players can start celebrating the victory they already achieved a week ago.

Super Mario Maker players have finally done it – they've beaten every legitimate level uploaded to the original game before the servers shut down. The problem is that they already achieved victory last week, and now they can only celebrate the achievement after the creator of the latest level came forward to reveal that it was fake.

Even today, the final level appears to be “Trimming Weeds,” a ridiculously difficult stage that's only a few seconds long but requires near-inhuman precision to complete. Well, actually, it took more than just “near” inhuman skills. Ahoyo, the original creator of the level, revealed today that it was loaded using gadget-assisted speedrunning techniques that allowed him to clear the stage and load it without proving a human could beat it.

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