After five months on the ISS, the Crew-5 mission returns to Earth


The Endurance capsule landed in Florida with Koichi Wakata, Anna Kikina, Nicole Mann and Josh Goss.

Launched into space by rocket SpaceX On behalf of NASA, the crew of the Crew-5 mission returned to Earth on Saturday. He would have spent a total of five months International Space Station (ISS).

The Endurance capsule landed in the Gulf of Mexico at 9pm (3am in Paris this Sunday) on the west coast of Florida with Japanese Koichi Wakata, Russian Anna Kikina and Nicole Mann and Josh Kasada. The NASA.

Nicole Mann was the first Native American in space

Crew-5 launched from Cape Canaveral, in Florida, was Koichi Wakata’s fifth spacewalk last October and the first for the other members. After all, it would have allowed Nicole Mann to become the first Native American sent into space.

Before leaving the ISS, the crew rendezvoused with Crew-6, which departed to take over from the same location on March 1. A week ago, a Russian Soyuz rocket took off Kazakhstan To replace the MS-22 spacecraft, Russian, which was damaged during docking with the ISS. Three members of MS-22, an American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts, were scheduled to return to Earth at the end of March after a six-month mission, but will end up staying for almost a year.

Cooperation on the International Space Station has become one of the last areas where Washington and Moscow have worked together since Russia invaded Ukraine.

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