The last seven years have been the hottest on the planet, according to the Copernicus Agency

Studies show that the last seven years have seen an average warming of the planet Of Copernicus, The European Meteorological Agency and FranceInfo were able to consult on Monday, January 10th. 2021 is the fifth warmest year in history.

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According to Mauro Fachini, head of Earth observation at the European Commission’s Directorate for Defense Industry and Space, “This is a reminder of the continuing rise in global temperatures and the need for urgent action.”

The other record featured by the Monitoring Service is in the summer of 2021. Compared to the last twenty years, it is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Europe, + 0.3 C. + 1.2 ° C compared to the pre-industrial period. The continental temperature record was broken with 48.8 C in Sicily and climate catastrophes followed one another.

The summer of 2021 saw many serious events in Europe. July was marked by the heaviest rainfall in the region near western Central Europe, leading to severe flooding in many countries, including Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. However, 2020 is the hottest year in Europe. With temperatures nearly 2.5 C above average for recent decades.

According to Copernicus data, CO2 concentrations are a new record as global temperatures continue to rise. A total of 1,850 megatons of carbon emissions from wildfires worldwide were triggered by the fire, especially in Siberia. This figure is slightly higher than last year (1,750 megatons of carbon emissions), although the trend has been declining since 2003.

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