An Earth-sized planet has been found orbiting a nearby star that will outlive the Sun by 100 billion years

Astronomers have discovered an Earth-sized planet that is showered with so much radiation that its atmosphere has long since eroded away, leaving it bare. Life as we know it couldn’t exist on this hot world, but astronomers are interested in it for another reason: For the first time, they may be able to study the universe. geology For a planet outside our solar system.

Newly discovered Exoplanet, called SPECULOOS-3 b, is a rocky planet about 55 light-years from Earth. It orbits its host star every 17 hours, but the days and nights on this planet are endless. Astronomers suspect that the planet is tidally bound to its star, like the Moon to Earth. The only day side always faces the star, while the night side is locked in eternal darkness.

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