Anti-Govt use in police investigation aimed at harsh criticism in Germany

Data security was again questioned. Police in the German city of Mines have drawn criticism for using bars and restaurants to register their customers and use anti-Govt surveillance processors to help protect user data.

At the beginning of this case, which was recently made public, on November 29, 2021, a person fell outside a restaurant in the city of Mainz and died. Police decided to contribute to Luca’s application to help restaurants and bars find potential witnesses. In registering customers, allow tracking in case of contamination.

This access allowed 21 people to be contacted, to whom the Mainz Attorney’s Office apologized. The Local Data Protection Commission has announced it will launch an investigation.

“The current case is serious because the legal ban on the use of contact tracking data for police purposes is clear and unambiguous in the law on infections.”, Which controls the German response to the Govit-19 epidemic Handelsblatt.

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A health service provided access to data

The Luca Processor, which has more than 35 million users in Germany, records the place and time of stay, full name, address and phone number. This German application has several firewalls to protect data. Only one health service can access the data of registered customers.

To conduct their investigation, the police and the local attorney approached a health service, which agreed to tell investigators that an infection had been diagnosed to access the data.

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Culture4life, the German company that runs the processor, has condemned it This misuse of Luca’s data collected for protection against infections “. According to the company, these types of requests are routine, but never processed.

For its part, the Liberal FDP, a member of the new ruling coalition, is wary:

“Security breaches, ineffective security and unsatisfactory health services and how important data is stored without this case [à Mayence] Properly raise doubts about the Luca app and how to deal with security issues that may arise. “

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