As the Browns scramble to update the stadium, a Cleveland politician reminds Jimmy and Dee Haslam of the Model Art Code.

Twenty-nine years after Art Modell moved the Browns out of Cleveland, his name still resonates locally.

As the new Browns, an expansion team that entered the league in 1999, push for a new or renovated stadium, a Cleveland City Council member reminded the team's current ownership of the law that would prevent moving out of the city.

Via lucas d'abrielli from Cleveland Plain DealerCouncilman Brian Kazee held a press conference on Monday regarding “Model art law“.

The provision, enacted after Modell moved the Browns, prevents teams that receive taxpayer money from playing most of their home games somewhere other than their home stadium unless: (1) the mayor and city council approve the move; or (2) the team provides advance notice (six months) of its intention to relocate, along with the opportunity for a local buyer to purchase the team.

The Browns are currently considering a move to Brook Park, an inland suburb about 20 minutes from Cleveland.

“What this does is ensure that the Cleveland Browns go through the due process to move the team, whether it's to Timbuktu or to Brook Park,” Kazi said.

The Haslams are pursuing two options. The existing stadium could be renovated at a cost of about $1 billion, or a new domed stadium could be built in Brook Park at a cost of about $2 billion.

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