Google app redesigns the weather card that makes up 'Your Space'

Below the search bar and its suggestions, Google displays a set of cards for weather, air quality index (AQI), sports, and more. Google's app is now redesigning the circle of cards that make up Your Space.

Instead of rounded rectangles with thin lines, you get a taller, solid container. Google has redesigned the layout to display information more clearly.

Meanwhile, Google now refers to this feature as “Your Space” with a larger “Settings” card at the end. I've always thought of them as widgets, and space cards haven't changed since before:

  • Air Quality: Air quality from your current location
  • Finance: Stock prices and market trends from the industries you follow
  • Sports: Event updates from the teams you follow
  • Weather: Conditions from your current location

Old vs. new

Along with the Google app, this new Space Cards design also appears in the Discover feed to the left of the Android home screen. We see this with version 15.12 of the Google app on Android.

Functionally, it's similar in nature to Google Now, although it's much smaller — literally — and not as information-dense.

More on the Google app:

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