At least 8 people have been killed in a bomb blast at a shopping mall in Que, Mariupol refuses to surrender.
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Hosted live by Sandra Favier, Mary Slavisek and Fatumata Silla

  • The Mariupol war continues, With fighting within the city since Friday. Hours after the bombing of an art school where about 400 people had taken refuge, Russia demanded the surrender of two humanitarian corridors (one in the east, one in Russia, before 5) on Monday. West). Ukraine, through its Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk, immediately rejected the final warning, demanding that the corridors be opened in defiance of everything.
  • In Kiev, at least eight people were killed in an attack by the Russian military Sunday night in a mall. A shell exploded in a yard outside an apartment building the previous day, injuring at least five people.
  • On Sunday, for the second day in a row, Russia said it had used it Hypersonic missiles in Ukraine, This time to destroy a Ukrainian military fuel reserve in the south. These weapons “Do not change the situation”US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said.
  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky urged Israel to ‘make a choice’ During a video conference speech in front of representatives of the Israeli parliament Knesset, in support of Ukraine against Russia. He estimated that Jerusalem would be overnight from Sunday to Monday “The perfect place to find peace” He made the call by sparking talks with Russia.
  • President of the United States, Joe Biden leaves for Warsaw on Friday The White House announced on Sunday that Polish envoy Andrzej Duda. He is scheduled to meet with NATO, G7 and EU leaders. The trip will take place after Piton’s trip to Belgium
  • Beijing did not send military aid to MoscowThe Chinese ambassador to the United States did not say whether the situation would apply in the future.
  • Ten million UkrainiansNearly a quarter of the population, They have now left their homes, Said Filippo Grande, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. More than 3.3 million of them – 90% of women and children – have fled the country.
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