At the dawn of summer, the great desert of seasonal tourist workers in Europe

This summer, you will be waiting. Wait for your creep. Wait at the airport. Wait at the hotel. Because, no matter where you plan to go, you will not have enough hands to serve you: from Golmar to Heraklion, from Puglia to Ferros-Guerrero, from Saint-Tropez to Seville and North America, there is a shortage of global Western tourist staff, especially the precarious contracts of seasonal workers and their backsliding. . Absorption over the past two summers due to the drop in the number of foreign tourists, this year should be much harder: everything indicates that Northern Europeans will resume their massive migration towards the sun.

At Emilia-Romagna, what do 83% of professionals find on the Adriatic coast where they can’t find staff? Where are the 50,000 seasonal workers missing off the coast of Spain? The same reasons – which have long been known – have the same consequences, regardless of the state of the labor market or its regulatory system: the unattractiveness of the professionals in the hotel and catering industry, the lack of qualified staff and the difficulty in keeping them.

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Holes in the table will be closed from time to time, and there is already a need for airports to increase the versatility of staff or the disorder that is detrimental to the quality of service. ParisLondon orAmsterdam. This is the latest sign of a sector that has sought to segregate a portion of its staff, despite government-provided assistance during the Govt-19 epidemics. Some employers expected such a rapid resurgence in operation and some, due to lack of visibility, wanted to do what they could in the summer of 2020, without re-employing their regular seasonal workers. In the general context of labor shortages, the retirement sector was last recruited after the crisis.

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“We can not pay better”

During periods when cafes and tourist sites were closed, employees working in the hotel and catering industry returned to other departments in a state of tension. “Elsewhere it was better, I found better pay and less restrictions”, Pascal Petrock, General Secretary of the CFDT Ile-de-France, is responsible for hotels, tourism and catering. In France, the pay rise came into effect on January 1Er In April, due to inflation, it fell faster than the minimum wage. The same inflation, coupled with the repayment of state-guaranteed debt, restricts the space for the maneuvering of restaurants affected by rising commodity prices.

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