At the end of excavations in Portugal, the material was found


Police did not provide details about the scope of the operation, which involved German and British investigators, or the elements collected.

An inquiry into that Madeleine McCann is missing 2007 seems to have progressed. Portuguese police said it ended on Thursday Excavation started on Tuesday At the request of the German authorities, near a lake in southern Portugal. The judicial police clarified in a press release that since 2020 the British woman believed to be dead and a suspected German sex offender already in prison, “collected material will be handed over to the German authorities.” His country for a rape Portugal.

Police did not provide details about the scope of the operation or the elements collected, which was carried out with the participation of German and British investigators, near the shores of the reservoir located in Silves, a municipality in the tourist area of ​​the Algarve.

Soil and tissue samples

Between Tuesday and Thursday, investigators searched the excavation area using dogs, a drone and a tracked brushcutter. Parts of the land were combed using probes, spades and rakes. According to local media, investigators collected soil samples from the start of the excavation and collected several pieces of fabric found at the site.

According to local press, police are looking for pink blankets or pajamas that Maddy was wearing the night she disappeared. According to a Portuguese weekly EspressoIt was the testimony of an informant “considered highly reliable” by German investigators that led them to take a renewed interest in the location.

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