At the red alert, Hurricane Reunion passed through Ennadi. Follow us

The Reunion hurricane is on red alert from 9pm on Sunday 20 February. Extreme storm Enamti made landfall very close to our beach at 10pm. Heavy winds and heavy rain are still expected in the highlands. Follow Reunion La 1ère live.

Extreme Hurricane Emnati made landfall on Sunday, February 21, at 10:00 PM. From 9pm onwards, the Reunion Red Hurricane is on alert and will remain so until further notice.

Stay home and you will be restrained until the warning is removed. This Monday, schools, nurseries and universities will be closed. The airport is closed. The reunion stalled as Hurricane Emnati receded.

Réunion La 1ère This hurricane night is coming with you on the radio, television and the internet. Follow our live stream in the situation below:

02:30. Emnati and its slightly “irregular” path

Unexpected, severe storm emnati Formed a small ring in the clockwise direction“, Pointed out in the evening, TheAdministrators of the Facebook page “Firinga”. 01:30 pm at Réunion La 1ère, Météo France forecaster Sébastien Langlade talks about a “face” hurricane A path “Slightly irregular“, At least temporarily. Emnati should gradually continue its initial path in the west-south-west direction..

02:15. Réunion La 1ère Radio, TV, Live on the Internet

Throughout the night, Réunion La 1ère accompanies you on the radio, TV and the Internet. You can approach us In 02 62 99 2000.

02:00. Comparison of hurricane paths பட்சிராய் And Emnatti

Below is a map with the paths of Patchirai and Emnati provided on the Facebook page of “”. Despite the difference in distance between the two hurricanes, Mauritius went through a maximum Class 4 alert (warning removed) on Sunday, and a reunion red alert (from 9pm).

01:45. Sebastien Langlet, forecaster in Matteo France

01:30. A “face” hurricane

Hurricane Emnati 395 km from Reunion “Facial“, Explains Sébastien Langlade, according to Réunion La 1ère! Météo France’s forecaster. Hurricane really gives a way “Slightly irregular“But it must resume its initial path (West South West) In the coming hours.

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Emnati seems to be a slightly larger structure than Patchirai, but is on the edge of La Reunion, which prevents real damage. It’s windy to be feared, especially in the western hemisphere: 148 km / h at Mato, 106 km / h at Silas or 116 km / h at La Plains des Cafres.

Winds will be 100 km / hr north and northwest.

01:00. “It’s amazing how quiet it is!”

At Réunion La 1ère, many of you intervened to highlight the absence of rain or wind in some parts of the island. “It’s amazing how quiet it isSays a resident of the south. However, in Sainte-Suzanne, for example, a listener confirms that the wind is particularly strong, which is also in the Dionysian coast, a resident confirms.

Also in the Piton de la Fournaise sector 450 mm of water fell in 24 hours. IThe closest route to Emnadi will be about 350 km tonight From our shores. The reunion will have to deal with the deteriorating weather until at least Tuesday.

If the warning is lifted in Mauritius, Madagascar is preparing for a severe tropical cyclone. Third within a month.

12:30 am 100 houses have no electricity and 13,500 houses have no water

At 10 pm, 100 homes were without electricity. EDF continues remote interventions to retrieve networks.

In addition, 13,500 families were without water (mainly in the municipalities of Saint-Rose and Plaine des Palmistes). In the communion of St. Joseph, the quality of water has changed, so people are called not to drink water for food purposes.

For telephone networks, 1,300 to 1,500 customers lose their landline phone (operators Zeop, SFR and Orange).

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00:06. The coastal route was closed in the coastal area

The Provincial Council states thatThe coastal route is closed off the coast.

Cilaos Road (RN5) is closed at night. The inspection is scheduled for tomorrow morning to assess the conditions for reopening. Salazie RD48 closed due to rock slopes.

12:05 am Emnati went very close at 10.

At midnight, the province of Reunion announced in a press release that a severe tropical cyclone Emnati was very close to the reunion at 10 p.m.

“It will be 350 to 400 km north of Reunion until tomorrow morning. The wind is currently blowing 100 to 110 km above the island’s inhabited areas. These conditions must continue or intensify in the coming hours. Specifies the province.

Midnight. Réunion La 1ère Radio, TV, Live on the Internet

Throughout the night, Réunion La 1ère accompanies you on the radio, TV and the Internet. You can contact us on 02 62 99 2000.

11:58 pm Municipal Shelters and Emergency Numbers

The island is on red alert and municipalities have set up shelters and emergency numbers. Find the list by clicking on our article here.

11:57 pm The last point of the Meteo France Reunion

At 10 pm, Hurricane Emnati made landfall 375 km north of our coast, according to a recent report from the Méto France Réunion. He was 360km away, at 7pm. It will move at a speed of 9 km per hour. The system has slowed down over the past few hours.

Maximum wind speed at sea (above 10 minutes on average) is estimated at: 175 km / h.

Estimated maximum wind at sea: 240 km / h

Estimated pressure at the center: 947 hPa.

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10pm on February 20 Venue: 17.6 South / 54.6 East.

Distance from Reunion Beach: 375 km per sector: North-North-West

Movement: 9 km west.

11:56 pm Go to an info at 02 62 41 00 00

The Province Public Information Division (CIP) has been opened
Inform people about red alert instructions;
Respond to the concerns of Reunion Islanders;
Redirect calls to appropriate contacts.
To contact the General Information Unit, call the Personal Crisis Number (toll free): 02 62 41 00 00.

To contact the General Information Cell, call the single emergency number (toll free): 09 70 80 90 40. This cell does not answer emergency calls.

If necessary contact:

– In case of difficulties in SAMU 15 or 112,

– Firefighters 18,

– Police and Gendermary17.

For weather points, you can contact Météo-France’s answering machines directly:

– For weather forecasts

– to the hurricane point

11:55 pm Improved awareness of wave-immersion

As the system progresses, NE inflammation by patchy increases. The tidal surveillance mission came into effect from 4pm across the coast. It is reinforced from north to south to east.

11:50 pm Red Alert from 9pm.

The president of the Reunion has decided to trigger a Red Alert at 9 p.m. Do not go outside under any circumstances, the reunion is restricted during the red alert.

Write down emergency telephone numbers: Town Hall of your municipality; 15 in case of medical problem (or 112 in case of difficulty) and for other requests for assistance 18. Transportation is prohibited except for emergency services and services working in crisis management.

Find out our previous Sunday live from 9pm to 12pm by clicking here.

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