Denmark “returns to life” from February 1

Is this the beginning of the end of the Govt-19 epidemic? Anyway, it looks like this in Denmark Prime Minister Matteo Frederickson announced on Wednesday, January 26, the lifting of almost all national restrictions.There is February. The disease is no longer considered a threat to society. This is despite the fact that pollution records have been broken in recent days in the kingdom of 5.8 million people, where 46,747 cases were reported on Wednesday, and the event rate reached 4,753 cases per 100,000 people in seven days, the highest rate in France.

During the twenty-sixth press conference organized by the Government on the subject since the outbreak of the epidemic – and “Last”Director of Public Health, Soren Brostrom -, Mette Frederiksen dare to hope that his happiness and his hope will not be hidden. “We can start laughing again. We’re ready to come out of the shadow of the corona virus.”Said.

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The announcement of deregulation will not surprise anyone. On Tuesday, the Science Council, which is responsible for making recommendations to the government, expressed itself in this direction. The Epidemic Committee, which unites all political parties in parliament, presented its agreement on Wednesday afternoon.

1 toThere is In February, wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory, or the vaccine will not pass. Bars and restaurants will return to their usual opening hours and resume their function as nightclubs, leisure parks or aquatic centers that have been closed since December 2021. Measurements are disappearing and working remotely is no longer recommended. “We’re going to come back to life”Mette Frederiksen in a nutshell.

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Decreased hospitalization

However, there are two exceptions: the government extends the restrictions on entry into the border to four weeks. An experiment and isolation may be required depending on the country of origin. The Prime Minister also demanded that all precautionary measures be taken to protect the most vulnerable elderly. Retirement homes may require wearing a mask or a vaccination pass.

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke, for his part, announced a decline in screening capacity, although those with symptoms should continue to be screened. Denmark is the most tested country since the outbreak of the epidemic, which explains how the Nordic kingdom avoided the worst with 3,565 deaths. “Thanks to our screening technique, we were able to quickly detect and intervene when pollution erupted.”

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