Canelo Alvarez vs. GGG 3: Comprehensive Live Updates

MMA Fighting has Canelo Alvarez vs.GGG 3 live updates round by round of one of the best boxing fights of the year taking place Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The main event is expected to begin around 11 PM EST on DAZN Pay Per View. Verify Canelo vs GGG 3 . Results page to see what happened on the bottom card.

This is the third meeting between the fighters. The first time they fought in 2017, it was decided a tie and Alvarez won by majority decision over GGG on September 15, 2018.

Canelo Alvarez defends the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO and the ring Super middleweight titles in competition.

Take a look at the Canelo Alvarez vs GGG 3 main event live blog below.

The main event is next.

The national anthem is next, with Kazakhstan first.

We get three anthems with Mexico, followed by the United States

Golovkin, the challenger, walks to the ring first. The arena is swaying Army of seven countries It blew through the loudspeakers marking his entry.

Massive pop hits by defending hero Canelo as he enters with live musical accompaniment.

Your referee for this contest is Russell Mora.

first round: Golovkin scores a direct job. Canelo is looking forward to a jab as they both spend their time measuring each other. Left hook step by Canelo. Peek at the body by Canelo. There isn’t much production from either fighter with less than a minute to go on the opening round. After Canelo had more success with a jab, he took the first three minutes quiet.

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MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo.

second round: Canelo lands with a header, then begins the adventure with a left lunge. Golovkin became busier with his beating. Canelo scored, but was unable to deliver the heaviest punches. Jaap from Kanillo, Golovkin attacks the body. Canelo content to trick away. The right hand of Canelo’s body. It’s still a bit of a temporary job with two rounds going.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 20-18 canelo.

Third round: Big hit reply from Canelo drops, biggest shot of the fight to date. Canelo doubles up as a jab. Golovkin uses his jab to settle things. Canelo Bahij advances. Golovkin calls a cake. Canelo lands one on his own.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 30-27 canelo.

Fourth round: Canelo punches together well, and Golovkin couldn’t do much beyond a jab. Canelo works a jab too. Right on top of the Canelo, then right on the body. The combo sets a right hand glistening across the chin for Canelo. Golovkin lands a bun, but Canelo backs him up again with an oath.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 40-36 canelo.

Fifth round: Golovkin triples upon jab. Canelo chases after him, right there on the body, then left. Canelo rips one well another into the body. Canelo’s jab-jab-body hit group results. Golovkin began to throw his right hand. Canelo with good head movement. Golovkin hits him with a head kick. Left hook by Canelo, then a body shot causing Golovkin’s imbalance to take a few steps back. Right correct results for Canelo. The hero turns away at the end of a closer round.

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MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 50-45 canelo.

Round 6: Canelo headed home to open Round 6 and Golovkin was flying away. As Golovkin tries to make his way, Canelo hits him with the body and lands with a short hook. Golovkin with 1-2. Canelo pauses with a blow. Canelo rips the body. Little of Golovkin’s attack passes before he hits hard. Another hard-to-let body to go down for Canelo.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 60-54 canelo.

Round 7: Canelo scores with his left hand and avoids a few Golovkin counters. The right cross of Canelo leads to a grab. Left hook scores for Canelo. Uppercut by Canelo. He’s on the hunt and Golovkin doesn’t put much out there. He hits Canelo’s body. Canelo hits Golovkin with his right hand. He keeps steady hits that Golovkin can’t detect.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 70-63 canelo.

Eighth round: There is a heavy blow from Golovkin, but we did not see much more. Canelo with another hook left as they spin. Throws left, another falls. Canelo wins exchange of rights. He takes his left to Golovkin’s body. The Jab-jab-body set arrives at Canelo. Golovkin shows signs of life, but Canelo immediately backs him up with a counter. Golovkin’s right hand scores.

MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Canelo. In general, 80-72 canelo.

Round 9: Canelo triples on poke, then left and right follow. Bodysuit by Canelo. Right correct results for Canelo. Canelo still hit Golovkin with the punch. Golovkin nodded and finally fired a few powerful punches while Canelo continues to take a defensive stance. Canelo doubles as a jab. Golovkin gets his due. Golovkin’s left hand, then the straight right. Canelo answers with two clean punches. Canelo hits the body.

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MMA Fighting Points Round 10-9, Golovkin. In general, 89-82 Canelo.

Round 10:

Round 11:

Round 12:

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