Sugarcane Conflict: Agreement Signed. The state, communities and producers contribute more than €2M to end the crisis

In a bid to end the crisis quickly, the mobilized sugarcane growers' contacts were bent backwards, while the farmers again yesterday morning prevented them from approaching the Jari. The union, which has been demanding an increase in its wages, has finally signed an agreement incorporating proposals made during a meeting held this morning at the initiative of public companies. Henceforth the Chinese campaign will continue unhindered.

This Friday, April 26, 2024 before 1:00 p.m., an agreement was signed between the mobilized sugarcane planters, the cartel factory, the state, the region and the department of Guadalupe.

Harvesting can begin on Sunday. Wilhelm Munroes, president of the Kolèktif des Agriculteurs (KDA), concluded at midnight at the end of the meeting organized by the public institutions. All hoped to find common ground and resolve the crisis that has crippled the sugarcane industry in Guadeloupe. The mobilization of producers in particular affects the local economy and many Guadeloupeans.

But the proposals made today had to be put in writing to communicate to disgruntled union members and their supporters. They decided together.

Leaders of sugarcane planters participated in the Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (DAAF). A Memorandum of Understanding was drawn up in 12 articles and then submitted to the plants installed in the Jari Dams… Ratified!

Wilhelm Munroes, President of the KDA

©François-Joseph Ousselin and Christian Danquin – Guadeloupe La 1ère

All of them came to Raiset regional place : Governor Xavier Lefort, President of the Guadeloupe Region Ari Salles, Vice President of the Department Blaise Mornel, Director of the Sugar Factory Cordal Nicolas Philippe, representatives of the mobilized sugarcane planters and many experts.

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The crux of the problem is the cost per ton of sugarcane, which depends on the saccharimetric richness of the product. According to these experts, the price currently used as per the terms of the 2023-2028 sugarcane convention signed in April 2023 does not allow planters to settle their debts and meet their needs.
However, decades later, the wages that go to a tonne of sugarcane planter have suffered.An unprecedented 30% increase” The governor said: She With this new contract, the maximum has increased to €109 in Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre and €99.59 in Marie-Galante. But at the same time there is inflation ; Input prices, in particular, exploded.

On March 26, they lowered their demands. They are asking for a floor price of €120 per tonne of cane today, and a minimum property value of 9 (entitled to the maximum payment) measured at 7, which has already been reduced by two months of the season, at least this year.
This is their latest proposal. Without an agreement, they promise a blank year and even the end of sugarcane production in Guadeloupe.

It is important that we find a solution today.

Romeo Maynard, president of SICA UDCAG, joined the agitation

Romeo Maynard was the guest for the radio news at 7:00 am from Guadeloupe la 1.TimeThis Friday morning :

Roméo Meynard is the guest of the 7:00 am radio news in Guadeloupe La 1ère

©Florence Péroumal – Guadeloupe La 1ère

We need to do the work of signing a clear and unambiguous contract with a new economic model, so (as I always say) the gardener can live off his harvest.

Ari Salles, president of the Guadeloupe region

We've beaten around the bush enough.

Xavier Lefort, principal of Guadeloupe

There has been a sharp decline in the cartel's accounts this year. We started with a net result of 5 million, which has now melted like ice in the sun and today is approaching 1 million, dangerously close to zero.

Nicolas Philippot, general director of the Cartel sugar factory in Maule

Taken from Nicholas Philippot's statement during this Friday's meeting

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©François-Joseph Ousselin – Guadeloupe La 1ère

Statistics were released during this meeting. Based on the calculations, the parties, especially the government services, believe that they can achieve an objective that satisfies everyone.
It is necessary to suspend the session so that KDA members and their supporters can verify this.

By paying an extra €900,000 the government will put its hand back into its pocket.

Xavier Lefort, principal of Guadeloupe

©François-Joseph Ousselin and Christian Danquin – Guadeloupe La 1ère

The cartel factory adds 500,000 euros.

Nicholas Philippot, general director of the Cartel factory

©François-Joseph Ousselin and Christian Danquin – Guadeloupe La 1ère

The required envelope is supplemented by regional (€500,000) and departmental (€250,000) authorities.

Ari Salles, president of the Guadeloupe region

©François-Joseph Ousselin and Christian Danquin – Guadeloupe La 1ère

Vice President of the Guadalupe Department is Blaise Mornel

©François-Joseph Ousselin and Christian Danquin – Guadeloupe La 1ère

Therefore, the proposals were accepted.

Economic and social life may return to normal in Guadeloupe. Roadblocks will be removed gradually.

2024 Sugar Campaign 1 must have been in full swingR Last March.

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