Catalonia introduces curfew order, increasing restrictions in Europe

The new wave of Govit-19, reinforced by the advent of the Omigron variant, Year-round celebrations around the world are threatening, Most of Catalonia in Spain will resume night curfew orders. Restrictions are increasing in other parts of Europe as well.

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  • A curfew has been imposed in Spain and Catalonia

Demonstrators demanded the resumption of nightlife in Barcelona on November 21, 2020.  A year later, Catalan nightclubs are closing again.

The Spanish judiciary on Thursday authorized the establishment of a night curfew in much of Catalonia (northeastern) to reduce the outbreak of Covit-19 cases. The High Court of Catalonia has announced that it will grant permission “Requested Actions” Includes closing of discos and restricting private meetings to a maximum of ten persons by the Catalan administrator.

The move, which undermines fundamental freedoms, would require the autonomous government to seek judicial recognition that the curfew could be imposed from 1am to 6am in all cities with a population of more than 10,000, exceeding 250 cases per 100,000. Residents in seven days, i.e. all of these major cities at present.

These restrictions apply for fifteen days from Thursday night to Friday in one of Spain’s most populous regions and most tourists in Europe. Of the seventeen autonomous regions, Catalonia is begging for the most restrictive measures and controls to deal with the eruption in the Govit-19 cases caused by the origin of the Omigran variant.

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In Spain, 784 cases per 100,000 people were reported in the fourteen days of Wednesday evening, four times more than 1.There is December. This new wave is lower than the previous one, however, 15.7% of intensive care units are occupied by patients with Govt-19 disease, up from 30% in mid-January, according to figures from the Ministry of Health.

  • Denmark will ask travelers to test negative

Denmark announced on Thursday that passengers entering its territory should be given a negative test even if they have been vaccinated. All foreigners and non-citizens wishing to enter the country must submit a PCR test of less than seventy-two hours or an antigen test of less than forty-eight hours, according to a statement from the Danish Ministry of Health.

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The measure will take effect from December 27 and will last until at least January 17. Similar announcements have been made in recent days in neighboring countries, including Sweden and Finland.

Exempted persons and children rescued from Govt-19. Danish residents returning to the country must undergo an inspection 24 hours before or after their return. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a fine of 3,500 Danish kroner or approximately 470 euros.

  • In Greece, wearing a mask is mandatory both inside and outside

It is mandatory to wear a mask inside and outside Greece during the holidays in Athens on December 23, 2021.

Greece, for its part, announced that it was mandatory to wear a mask during year-end celebrations, both inside and outside. “Holidays are very busy, with a lot of people outside.”Health Minister Thanos Flavris told reporters. He noted that wearing a mask is mandatory “Friday from 5 p.m.”, And at least until January 2nd.

All public Christmas and New Year celebrations have been canceled and travelers entering the country must be screened on the second and fourth day of arrival, the minister added. He also pointed out that additional restrictions on entertainment, sports and telecommunications would be announced in the coming days after January 3rd.

Govt-19 has killed more than 20,000 people in Greece and more than 600 victims are currently in intensive care. The government has not heeded calls from health professionals to take extra precautions and impose operational restrictions, even among those who have been vaccinated.

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  • Nearly 120,000 cases close nightclubs in the UK and Scotland

The Scots are waiting for the Covid-19 test on December 20 in Edinburgh.

The United Kingdom recorded nearly 120,000 additional pollutants on Thursday, a new record that could lead to a rise in pollution in some regions due to the Omicron variation. After crossing the 100,000 case limit for the first time on Wednesday, the country, which mourns 147,720 deaths from Covit-19, has identified a further 119,789 pollutants in twenty-four hours. The seven-day increase has exceeded 50% and the number of hospital admissions is starting to increase, especially in London.

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Following the European movement, the Scottish government on Thursday ordered the closure of its nightclubs on Monday. The move, which applies to about 150 nightclubs – although open to desk service – will be reviewed in three weeks, the government said in a statement. The latter had already announced restrictions on meetings from next week and canceled New Year celebrations.

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Every nation in the country is responsible for health matters. So far, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have announced stricter restrictions. As for the UK, Boris Johnson’s government released on Wednesday, relying specifically on two studies showing that the risk of hospitalization due to the Omigron variant was lower than the Delta variant.

  • The booster dose of the vaccine shows encouraging results against Omigran, says Astrogeneka

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced on Thursday that it would increase the third dose of its Govit-19 vaccine. “Especially” Status of antibodies against the Omigron variant. “Omigron neutralizes antibody levels after the third dose [son vaccin] Vaxzevria delta variability was as widespread as that achieved after two doses., Anglo-Swedish giant details in a press release.

“Levels found after the third dose were higher than antibodies found in previously infected and naturally healed individuals.” Other variants of Covit-19 refer to astrogenogen. A third dose study was conducted “Freely” According to researchers at Oxford University, AstraZeneca designed its vaccine.

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Vaxzevria was not selected for booster doses in the UK, although it is the main vaccine used in the country, along with Pfizer-BioNTech, for the first two doses. Pfizer, in conjunction with Moderna, recently announced that they are significantly enhancing their vaccine’s booster protection against the virus. However, there is no data to know how long this protection will last.

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