Govt-19: WHO criticizes countries that think “booster doses can stave off infection”

New strong statement from World Health Organization President Tetros Adanom Caprais. During a press conference in Geneva, the Director General recalled that the solution to the fight against the virus was not based on administering booster doses.

“No country can get out of the plague with booster doses, not the green light to celebrate reminders as we planned.”, He warned Wednesday, a few days before Christmas.

“Blind booster programs have the potential to prolong the epidemic rather than end the epidemic by reversing the levels already available to countries with higher vaccination rates, thus increasing the chances of the virus spreading and spreading.”, Dr. Tetros underlined.

According to the WHO Expert Group on Immunization Policy (SAGE), at least 126 countries have already provided guidelines for booster doses or additional vaccines (for example children), of which 120 countries have already launched campaigns in this direction. Most of these countries are rich or middle income countries.

On the contrary, “No poor country has yet introduced a recall program”, Underscores SAGE in a press release issued Wednesday afternoon. Vaccine coverage is low in some countries, especially due to vaccine supply problems. Gold, “It is important to remember that most hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated and do not have a booster dose.”, The employer of the WHO insisted.

So SAGE called for a focus on immunization efforts “Reduce the number of deaths and protect the most serious cases and the health system”. In addition to the vaccine, WHO experts have also emphasized the importance “Public Health and Social Activities” In order to successfully stop the spread of Govt-19.

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