China collides with a Philippine ship and hits it with water cannons: video

Screenshot taken from a video provided by the Philippine Coast Guard showing Chinese Coast Guard ships firing water cannons against Philippine ships near Scarborough Shoal, South China Sea, on April 30, 2024.
Philippine Coast Guard

  • A video clip showed a Chinese ship colliding with a Filipino ship while launching water cannons.
  • The Philippine Coast Guard says the ship suffered damage from the attack.
  • This confrontation, which took place within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone, is the latest between the two countries.

Chinese coast guard vessels encountered a pair of Filipino vessels this week, harassing them, ramming them and firing water cannons at them, according to Philippine authorities.

Official videos and other footage from media show the latest escalation between the two countries as China continues to challenge international legal rulings over South China Sea territories and clash Philippine ships in Manila's exclusive economic zone.

Philippine Coast Guard subscriber Tuesday video footage of the incident.

The footage shows Chinese ships firing water cannons at a Philippine Coast Guard ship, a ship belonging to the country's Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, BRP Bagacay and BRB Dato BankauThe two ships carried out a “legitimate naval” operation. “patrol” near Scarborough Shoal, a disputed area in the South China Sea within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone where China exercises control by force.

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In the published footage, two large Chinese ships surround one of the Philippine ships, firing water cannons from all sides.

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“During the patrol, the Philippine ships encountered dangerous maneuvers and obstruction from four Chinese Coast Guard ships and six Chinese maritime militia ships,” Philippine Coast Guard spokesman Commodore Jay Tarella said.

Tarella added that the latest confrontation resulted in “damage to the fence and awning,” including a photo for evidence. “This damage serves as evidence of the strong water pressure used by the Chinese Coast Guard in their harassment of Philippine ships.”

National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea He said In a statement he said that China's behavior was “shocking and appalling” and that the combined press was able to witness and experience the Chinese side's “illegal, coercive, aggressive and dangerous actions”.

Local News5 journalist Gio Robles posted videos on X of the incident showing scenes from aboard Datu Bankaw.

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The Telegraph's Asia correspondent, Nicola Smith, was on board the Philippine Coast Guard ship Bagakai books From experience she says that while the Chinese ships were hitting the ship with their water cannons, “all you could hear was the booming of the water and the frantic shouts of the crew.”

Smith said the ship's canopy broke under the intense attack and that Datu Bankau suffered internal flooding and damage to the radar on board.

Chinese Coast Guard He said She said in a post on the country's social networking site Weibo that she had expelled the Philippine ships for “incursion” into its waters “in accordance with the law.”

On the other hand, the Philippines said that the ships “stood their ground and continued their maritime patrol. They were not deterred and will continue to carry out their legitimate operations to support Filipino fishermen and ensure their safety.”

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A Chinese Coast Guard ship fires a water cannon at Unayzah on May 4. A Philippine Navy charter ship, conducting a routine resupply mission for forces stationed at Second Thomas Shoal, on March 05, 2024 in the South China Sea.
Ezra Akayan/Getty Images

A video posted on the Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for Research on a New American Security, books On social media.

“It aims to cause harm, not just prevent it,” he added.

It is the latest battle between the two countries as China continues to control disputed waters in the South China Sea, defying international law and asserting its dominance in the strategic waterway. Scarborough Shoal, which has a permanent Chinese Coast Guard presence, but the Philippines continues to press its claims to this area.

There have been several Chinese attacks on Philippine ships. The most recent incident in March saw a Chinese water cannon destroy the windows of a Filipino ship and injure four sailors.

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The Philippine Coast Guard said Tuesday that China had reinstalled a nearly 1,200-foot floating barrier “covering the entire shoal entrance, effectively restricting access to the area,” a prime fishing area.

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