ChromeOS gets better multitasking performance and Wi-Fi traffic prioritization

The latest version of ChromeOS (M124) is With a couple of nice upgrades, including faster split-screen setup and a new feature for prioritizing web traffic. The update brings with it other updates as well, such as updated Settings UI and updated gesture controls.

Judging from the screenshots Published before 9to5Google, the new “Faster Split Screen Setup” feature will be familiar to Windows users. After you snap an app to one side of the screen, previews of other apps appear on the other side — pick one, and it’ll pin it there for you. Before this update, you had to go to the other app and repeat the installation process side by side, so this should remove a little of that friction.

Setting up split screen in ChromeOS M124.
picture: 9to5Google

9to5Google He writes that the options for this feature can be found under Settings > System Preferences > Windows & Office.

Google has also added Wi-Fi Quality of Service (QoS) to ChromeOS. The idea, very similar to the QoS feature in routers, is that your Chromebook will prioritize things like video calls and online gaming when your Wi-Fi network is congested. If it works well, that could mean higher-quality video calls, less buffering during streaming, and smoother online gaming.

In the “things no one asked for” category, ChromeOS Now supports carrier lock – So that wireless carriers can sell you a Chromebook that you can only use with their service. In theory, when you pay off the laptop or the contract expires, your carrier will unlock it, and I’m sure it will always work without a hitch.

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Finally, this update brings a redesigned ChromeOS Settings app built into Google’s Material design and organization similar to smartphone settings menus. according to Chrome is open. The outlet notes that there’s also a new two-finger trackpad gesture for clearing notifications and that ChromeOS now supports turning on the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom digitally even on Chromebook webcams that don’t support Super-Res Zoom.

Like most of its updates, Google isn’t rolling out ChromeOS builds all at once, but it says M124 will arrive on compatible Chromebooks “in the coming days.” To check for the update, look for the “Update available” notification or go to Settings > About ChromeOS > Check for updates.

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