Power outages hit Tanzania as Cyclone Hadiya intensifies

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Cyclone Hidaya has weakened significantly as it approaches the coast of Tanzania, the country’s meteorological department said Saturday.

However, officials have warned residents to be careful, as the cyclone is bringing heavy rains and strong winds to the country until Sunday. The Meteorological Department did not mention the maximum wind speed of the hurricane.

Power was largely cut off in most parts of Tanzania on Saturday, as heavy rains and strong winds from the city of Hedaya lashed the country in the aftermath. Weeks of flooding in the area.

Ferry services between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, the commercial center of Tanzania, were halted as Cyclone Hidaya approached the coast of East Africa earlier, carrying maximum winds of 120 kilometers per hour and strong storms.

Local media published reports of trees falling due to strong winds experienced on Mafia Island on Saturday afternoon.

The authorities called on residents to be cautious as the intensity of the hurricane increases.

The Meteorological Authority said that heavy amounts of rain were recorded in coastal areas during the night, more than usual. The Tanzanian Red Cross Society is carrying out preparedness campaigns along the coast.

Heavy rains and floods in Tanzania and the rest of East Africa in recent weeks have killed about 155 people, authorities said. More than 200,000 others were affected.

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