College Football Playoffs Rankings: LSU overrated, underrated Tennessee in penultimate 25th place

The penultimate edition of 2022 college football standings Released on Tuesday, the plot heading into the conference championship weekend has been dramatically moved as multiple teams battle for last place in the four-team field.

Georgia held firmly in the No. 1 spot, Michigan It jumped to No. 2 after being ranked No. 1 Ohio State last weekend and TCU Entered third after finishing the regular season 12-0. one loss USC They slipped into the fourth, but the Trojans are in a precarious position knowing they can’t slip into the Pac-12 Championship Game. If USC falls to No. 11 Utah, it will be catapulted by the No. 5 or No. 6 Buckeyes Alabama.

The chatter will be heating up between now and that particular Sunday.

Let’s take a look at who was overrated and underestimated in the penultimate edition of the rating.

Why on earth is Tennessee ranked #6 over Alabama? Because it’s an ugly loss to No. 19 South Carolina? This looks way better now than it did two weeks ago when the world thought South Carolina was a mediocre SEC East team with no upside. Conversely, Alabama lost to No. 14 LSU – A smothered Tennessee team in Baton Rouge – looks worse after losing to the Tigers Texas A&M last weekend.

Oh, and there’s that pesky little head-to-head game on Oct. 15 when the Volunteers topped the Crimson Tide 52-49. This should be important, but it’s clearly not. why? Is it because Volunteers star quarterback Hendon Hooker ripped his ACL against South Carolina and Joe Melton is now at the helm? The committee is looking into it, but it is not enough to convince me.

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Tennessee has an outstanding win over Alabama and a road win over LSU. What is the Alabama signature? The second week won the 20th place Texas? House beat in late October at No. 24 Mississippi? Tennessee is being unfairly punished for not being a traditional powerhouse. She’s proven she deserves to be in line for a spot in the CFP if chaos ensues, and at the very least, a spot in the SEC’s Sugar Bowl if she gets eliminated.

Overrated: No. 14 LSU

LSU’s analysis is covered in the Tennessee vs. Alabama analysis above, but it shouldn’t really be a big discussion point. There is no way the Tigers could be #14 after that debacle in College Station, Texas, last weekend. Smoked 38-23 by an Aggies team that hasn’t scored more than 31 points against an opponent this year, it’s been decimated by injuries and never seemed motivated on a stretch of 6 straight games. If Texas A&M can ignite LSU’s defense, what would No. 15 be? OregonNo. 16 Oregon or No. 17 University of California an act? It will get very, very ugly.

A nine-win regular season in head coach Brian Kelly’s first year is a massive feat, and very few people outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have witnessed it. But she struggled against Arkansas Then he lost to Texas A&M when Target grew on his back. It must matter.

There seems to be an unexpected backlash to assuming all Pac-12 teams are overrated and unworthy of national recognition, and Washington’s No. 12 ranking proves it. The Huskies have the best passer in the nation in Michael Bennix Jr., one of the top 10 players in Roma O’Donzi, the top five scorers (40.8 points per game) and the second best Pac-12 defense in terms of yards per game (5.52).

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Losing No. 17 UCLA is understandable, but losing the following week to Arizona It’s what’s holding them back. But Utah – a place ahead of Washington – has three losses, one of which was L fl The team that went 6-6. Kansas State He has three very strong losses (No. 18 Tulane, No. 3 TCU and No. 20 Texas), but still had three losses. An argument could even be made that Washington’s restarts with wins over No. 15 Oregon State and No. 16 Oregon are more impressive than Clemson Signature Beats No. 13 Florida.

Washington deserves to be in the top ten.

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