Diplomatic advisers from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France met in Paris to find a way out of the crisis.

The meeting is aimed at easing the crisis after a series of talks between Russians and Americans last week.

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Hoped to get one “A clear indication of the mentality of the Russians”. The French president announced that diplomatic advisers to the German president and the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and France would meet in Paris on Wednesday, January 26, to try to find a way out of the crisis in Ukraine. The meeting was aimed at easing tensions after a series of talks between Russians and Americans last week, amid mounting tensions around Ukraine.

“We want to reduce the intensity of this, and it requires both dialogue and prevention. A dialogue is taking place with European and American partners and companies on sanctions so that this prevention is reliable enough, so that the dialogue can be credible.”, Commented the French President. “But these obstacles should not lead to repercussions. It will cost us a boomerang. Not all obstacles are endable.”, Underlined Elysee.

Less than nine hours after the marathon meeting, negotiators said they were staying “I am committed to smoothing out current differences in future work.”, According to a joint press release. No discussions “Not simple”, Said Russian Special Envoy to Ukraine Dmitry Dmitry Kozak. “Despite differences in reading, the ceasefire must be prolonged and the ceasefire must be observed.” Between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, he added. The new meeting is set for two weeks in Berlin. “We hope our colleagues understand our arguments and we will get results in two weeks.”, Added the Russian ambassador. “We want to continue this conversation”, For his part, Ukrainian negotiator Andriï Iermak from the Ukrainian embassy announced.

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“In the current context, we got a good signal today in a difficult situation.”, Underlined the French president. “We got the re-engagement signal we were looking for”, She added.

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