Does the vaccine duty logically follow the PASS in France?

Reluctantly Emmanuel Macron’s comment on those who have not been vaccinated, The discussion on the vaccine pass ended at dawn
By ballot Thursday morning Mostly in favor of the text. However, in discussions on the Palais-Bourbon and television (or radio) sets, we emphasized another device for combating the corona virus infection: the vaccine duty. “It is my hope that we can ask this question when it comes to controlling vaccines and the development of epidemics, and I support that,” the former prime minister said on Wednesday morning.
Edward Philip In France 2. So is vaccination obligatory the next step in the fight against Covit-19? Would it be an effective solution?

Problem in defining the vaccine

Anyway, this idea is taking place in Europe. In Austria, those who do not get vaccinated will have to pay a fine of 600 euros from February 1. Italy is preparing to force its over 50s Have a complete vaccination training. But in the midst of a campaign to recall France, vaccine duty raises questions. “We need to define what vaccination is. Has anyone started their treatment with the first dose? Two dose? Or who called him back? What do we do with the two doses of the vaccine, but who did not do the third dose?” Asks General Coach Michael Rochai.

He is also an epidemiologist who inspires many “those” Govit-19 And cancel their vaccination because their contamination will give them immunity. To establish the vaccine obligation, taking into account the different profiles of vaccines, health insurance should define who to contact as a priority. “We can imagine it being as variable geometry as it is in Italy,” said Laurent Sambot, director of public health at the School of Advanced Studies, with an age limit.

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“Go” policy

The question of the target population is central because France already has more than 90% of its eligible population vaccinated in two doses, and “5 to 10%Irreversible “According to Laurent Sampath, we are approaching the glass ceiling of the vaccine. The public health expert insists that” the compulsory vaccine does not change anything. ” The rate is given, while Austria has only 72% of its population vaccinated, and the only “punishment” for not getting vaccinated is, according to Michael Rocheau, who fears that “the rich should not be vaccinated”, creating threats from work. It’s hard for doctors to imagine being useless to retirees and the unemployed.

From the restriction of permission to access any cultivated land, fines will be levied for denial cases. Jean Costex, The successor to the founder of Horizons in Matignon, is not really, and let Jean-Jacques Bourdin know at the RMC this Thursday morning. “The goal is to get vaccinated, not bring in money,” Kersois said, adding that he considers the pass to be “very effective”, especially with regard to restrictions. But on the side of devices moving towards greater controls, this may not be the first time since the outbreak.
Then the administrator says “no” to saying “yes”.

However, both experts were interviewed 20 minutes Emphasize the importance of continuing to improve and capture the last percentages. With that,
Oliver Veron Wednesday evening announced 66,000 first-time vaccinations in a single day, a record for the past three months. For this, Laurent Sampath emphasizes the concept of “moving towards”. It is estimated that about 20% of those who are not vaccinated are elderly and do not have easy access to the vaccination center or access to information. “It is important to raise awareness of local authorities and associations,” he said, adding that he hopes to identify those outside the organization, the elderly or those living in extreme poverty.

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Vaccine duty and political reality

“Vaccine is not the only element of the strategy to fight the epidemic, we need to remember the importance of prohibition gestures,” Laurent Sambot stressed. But completely Campaigning before the President, Hours are being auctioned off and vaccination duty was part of the arguments against the vaccine pass. The reaction around vaccine duty is contrary to the political reality of the moment, especially in foreign regions.
Chlordecon scandal It was only now that the police had to evict the boss of the Point Pedro hospital. “If we do the vaccine duty, it has to be national. But this is a question that needs to be discussed democratically, and it’s complicated right now,” warns Michael Rochai.

The general coach, who is also a member of the Joint Du Côté de la Science, recommends submitting the question to a referendum. Laurent Chambud, for his part, wants to forget such a plan in the short term. “What seems important to me is how the stocks are Public health Will you be in the campaign? “It is not certain that all the candidates are interested in a peaceful and in-depth discussion on this issue.

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