Eagles have 22 picks over the course of the draft – NBC Sports Philadelphia

22, 40, 50, 53, 78, 86, 94, 98, 120, 123, 127, 132, 152, 155, 161, 164, 171, 172, 185, 190, 201, 210.

It looks more like a SEPTA bus schedule than a list of NFL draft picks.

But those are all picks the Eagles had control of at some point over the weekend.

They started with numbers 22, 50, 53, 120, 161, 171, 172 and 210.

They finished with 22, 40, 94, 127, 152, 155, 172, 185 and 190.

At one point they also had 78, 86, 98, 123, 132, 164 and 201.

Thanks to a staggering eight trades over the weekend involving 19 picks, the Eagles had 22 different picks in their possession between the start and end of the draft.

Only two of the 22 weekends started and finished in Philadelphia.

The Eagles started with eight picks and finished with 12 — nine this year and three next year.

Among the players selected around the league this weekend with picks that previously belonged to the Eagles are Tennessee running back Jaylen Wright, Washington running back Dominic Hampton, Colts safety Jaylen Simpson, Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis and North Carolina State linebacker Payton Wilson. Among many others.

Let's take a look at the complicated paths those 22 picks took to and from Philadelphia:

Choose 22 [1st round]Definition of Quinion Mitchell: Original Eagles Choice. The first time since 2020 that the Eagles have drafted in the first round with their original pick.

Choose 40 [2nd round]Cooper Degen was selected: That pick originated with the Bears, who traded him to the Chiefs for edge rusher Montez Sweat on October 31. Washington traded the pick on Friday to the Eagles along with the 78thy Pick overall in the third round and 152ndSecond abbreviation Pick in the 5th round for 2Second abbreviation-Round picks No. 50, 53 and 5y-161st round pick.

Choose 50 [2nd round]circulated:Choice I grew up with the saints. Eagles in 2022 trade picks 16 and 19 to Saints to get Nos. 18 and 3Research and development– Round in 2022, A1street– Round in 2023 and this pick. The Eagles sent them to Washington with No. 53 and No. 161 in exchange for No. 40 (Deegan) as well as No. 78 and No. 152. The Saints used No. 16 to trade with the Leaders for No. 16.11, where they took Ohio State WR Chris Olave, then selected Northern Iowa OT Trevor Benning in No. 19. The Eagles used Nos. 18 and 3Research and development-rounder As part of the trade with the Titans for AJ Brown, they used 1street-rounder and they used 2023 1street-Rounded (after trade with Bears) to draft Jalen Carter. Washington selected Michigan CB Mike Sainristil at No. 50.

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Choose 53 [2nd round]circulated: This was the Eagles' second originSecond abbreviation– Round pick and went to Washington in the trade that brought the Eagles No. 40. Washington acquired Kansas State tight end Ben Sinnott at No. 53.

Choose 78 [3rd round]circulated: That pick started in Seattle and went to Washington as part of the March 14 trade that sent quarterback Sam Howell to the Seahawks. Washington sent Seattle Howell No. 102 and No. 179 in exchange for No. 78 and No. 152. Washington then sent No. 40, 78 and 152 to the Eagles on Friday in exchange for No. 50, 53 and 161. The Eagles then shipped No. 78 to Texas for No. 86 and No. 123. Houston got USC safety Calen Bullock at 78 and Ohio State tight end Cade Stover at 123.

Choose 86 [3rd round]circulated: He was acquired from the Texans on Friday with No. 123 for No. 78, and was traded to the 49ers on Friday for No. 94 and No. 132. The 49ers selected Kansas guard Dominic Bonney with No. 86.

Choose 94 [3rd round]Jalex Hunt is selected: This pick originated in San Francisco and came to the Eagles on Friday as listed above at No. 132.

*Choose 98 [3rd round]circulated: There's an asterisk by the Eagles who was a one-time pick because the Eagles didn't actually have him over the weekend. They traded him to the Steelers on March 16 along with two 2025 7sy-Round picks versus No. 120 and the previous No. 1street-Ring midfielder Kenny Pickett. The Steelers used No. 98 for North Carolina linebacker Payton Wilson.

Choose 120 [4th round]circulated: The Eagles acquired that pick from the Steelers In the Pickett trade and then shipped him to the Dolphins on Saturday for 2025 3Research and development-Select the tour. Miami used the pick to select Tennessee RB Jaylen Wright.

Choose 123 [4th round]circulated: Acquired Friday from the Texans with No. 86 for No. 78 in the third round, then traded back to the Texans on Saturday for No. 127 and 2025 5y-Select the tour. Houston selected Ohio State tight end Cade Stover at No. 123.

Choose 127 [4th round]Will Shipley was chosen: No. 127 began life with the Texans, but on Saturday Houston shipped him to the Eagles in exchange for No. 123 plus No. 5.y-Round pick in the 2025 draft.

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No. 132 [4th round]circulated: He was acquired on Friday from the 49ers with No. 94 in the third round for No. 86 in the third round, then was traded to the Lions on Saturday with No. 210 for No. 164 and No. 201 and No. 2025 4y-Select the tour. The Lions used No. 132 to select Utah running back Sione Vaki.

Choose 152 [5th round]Aeneas Smith's Choice: This was originally the Seahawks' pick, but they traded him to the Commanders as part of the Howell deal. Seattle also got 4y-This year's round pick (No. 102, which ended up in Denver, which was used on Oregon WR Troy Franklin) and 6y-Round pick (No. 179, Utah guard Satoa Lumiya), Washington also got 3Research and development-Circular selection (No. 78). Washington then traded No. 152 Friday to the Eagles along with No. 40 (Deegan) and No. 78 (Pullock) for No. 50 (Sinristil) and No. 53 (Sinnott) in the second round and No. 161 in the fifth.

Choose 155 [5th round]Jeremiah Trotter Jr. was selected: This pick belonged to four teams before arriving in Philadelphia. He started out with the Steelers, but they traded him to the Rams on August 27, 2023, along with veteran guard Kevin Dotson and 6y-Round pick in 2025 vs. Rams 4y-This year's round pick (Jalen Wright) and 5y– Round pick in 2025. On Friday, the Rams traded 155 points to the Panthers along with the No. 52 overall pick in the second round and the No. 2 spot.Second abbreviation-Round pick in 2025 for 39y This year's second-round pick. The Panthers then traded No. 155 to the Colts with No. 52 in the second round and No. 142 in the fifth to move up to No. 46y He chooses. Finally, the Colts sent No. 155 to the Eagles for No. 164 in the fifth round and No. 201 in the sixth round.

Choice No. 161 [5th round]circulated: The Eagles acquired this pick from the Buccaneers last year during the draft. They traded 6y-Round pick (No. 191) for No. 5y-Round pick this year, which turned out to be No. 161. The Eagles used No. 161 as part of a deal that also included No. 50y And 53Research and development He opts to move to No. 40 and select DeJean. The Leaders selected Washington safety Dominique Hampton at No. 161.

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Choice No. 164 [5th round]circulated: Obtained from Black Sabbath No. 201 and 20254y-Round picks for 132 and 210, then traded to the Colts on Saturday with 201 for 155, which became Trotter Jr. The Colts selected safety Jaylin Simpson with 164y He chooses.

Choice No. 171 [5th round]circulated: A comp pick that originated with the Eagles and was traded to the Jets on Saturday for Nos. 185 and 190. The Jets used the pick to pick up Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis.

Choice No. 172 [5th round]Trevor Keegan was chosen: The Eagles began the draft with back-to-back compensatory picks at No. 171 and 172 thanks to the free agent departures of Andre Dillard and Isaac Seimalo after the 2022 season. They traded No. 171 to the Jets on Saturday but kept No. 172, which was one of only two of their original picks they used to select a player.

Choice No. 185 [6th round]Johnny Wilson selected: The trade with the Jets was Nos. 171 going to the Jets and Nos. 185 and 190 going to the Eagles. One permission 5y– Round pick became two 6thy-Round choices.

Choice No. 190 [6th round]Dylan McMahon was chosen: No. 190 also came from the Jets but started with the Saints. On Friday, New Orleans traded No. 45 in the second round to the Packers for No. 41 (Kool-Aid McKinstry), and the Saints also shipped No. 168 in the fifth round and No. 190 to Green Bay. The Packers took the 190 and turned around and traded it to the Jets with a 4yRound pick (No. 126) versus No. 111 in the fourth round. Finally, Roseman and Joe Douglas made a deal that sent No. 171 a fifth-round pick to the Jets in exchange for Nos. 185 and 190, both sixth-round picks.

Choice No. 201 [6th round]circulated: He was acquired on Saturday from the Lions with the numbers 164 for 132 and 210, then traded to the Colts on Saturday with the numbers 164 for 155 (Jeremiah Trotter). The Colts selected Marshall CB Micah Abraham with 201street He chooses.

Choose number 210 [6th round]circulated: Comp pick that originated with the Eagles, was traded to the Lions along with 132 for 164, 201, and 2025 4y-Select the tour. Detroit selected Boston College guard Christian Mahogany.

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