Starfield is finally getting a 60fps mode on Xbox

Starfield Xbox players won't have to contend with the game's 30 frames per second (fps) cap. as part of Update arrives on May 15Bethesda will allow Xbox Series

The 60fps option comes as part of several new display customization settings. The game will let you choose to prioritize visual elements for “[keep] The highest resolution while preserving full detail of special effects, lighting and crowds” or choose to prioritize frame rate performance, which “[lower] Interior precision and detail for special effects, lighting and crowds. Bethesda recommends choosing Performance mode when running the game at 60 frames per second or higher.

It also recommends a variable refresh rate (VRR) monitor running at 120Hz, but you don't need one to run Starfield At higher frame rates. The only downside is that you may have to deal with screen tearing occasionally, and you'll also get fewer options to customize your screen. Using the VRR monitor, you can choose frame rate modes of 30, 40, 60, or unspecified.

Many other features are coming with the May 15 update, including more detailed surface maps that will make it easier to explore your surroundings, as well as new ship customization tools and gameplay options, such as the ability to access your ship's cargo from the Player Inventory menu. Update available In beta on Steam now.

In the future, Bethesda plans to add a large Shattered Space expansion, along with a new ground vehicle and official mod support. We may hear more about what Bethesda has in store Starfield During the Xbox Game Show on June 9.

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