Elon Musk explains why people shouldn’t be afraid of turbulence

Air turbulence is one of the reasons why some give up on air travel.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently explained why turbulence isn’t such a big problem and why one should never feel scared during a turbulent flight.

Air turbulence occurs when an aircraft flies through colliding bodies of air moving at widely different speeds. Usually this only results in a bumpy ride, however, it is still one of the reasons some people give up on air travel.

Now, responding to a video showing the plane’s wings during turbulence, Elon Musk He said one should not be afraid of turbulence because the plane would not crash. He also explained that the wings of commercial planes can withstand very strong forces and can bend “in crazy amounts”.

Mr. Musk’s comment instantly captured the eyeballs of many Twitter users.

One user wrote: “elonmusk is right here. Overall, the airframe and wings can handle a lot more turbulence and forces than the human body can, so those moving wings aren’t a problem.” “Everyone should see the B-52 take off. These wings can move over 3 feet up and down. Amazing! 1950’s technology!” Another added.

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Meanwhile, speaking of weather turbulence, scientists recently explained how global climate change could make aviation more turbulent in the near future. Paul Williams, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Reading in the UK, highlighted a type of turbulence called “clear air turbulence”. He said that unlike turbulence caused by thunderstorms or clouds, clear atmospheric turbulence strikes suddenly and is difficult to avoid.

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Williams predicted that “clear air turbulence” will increase dramatically worldwide by 2050 to 2080, particularly along the busiest flight routes, and the strongest type of turbulence will increase further. However, he also stated that this does not mean that flying will be any less safe. He explained that only the average duration of the disturbance would increase.

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