Emmanuel Macron announced financial and humanitarian assistance to investigations into the massacre.

5:33 pm: Is war crime against humanity or genocide?

We review three definitions.

“War Crimes” Is defined as a serious violation of international law committed against civilians or militants during an armed conflict. War crimes include: murder, torture, hostage-taking, use of child soldiers, illegal deportation, deliberate attacks on civilians, rape, robbery or intentional assaults on humanitarian aid or peacekeeping missions. The use of gas that can cause “unnecessary suffering” or “indiscriminate strikes” or generally prohibited weapons, such as cluster munitions, are also considered war crimes.

Crime against humanity Section 6 of the Laws of the International Tribunal in Nuremberg defines “any act of murder, annihilation, enslavement, deportation and persecution before or during the war, or against racial or religious grounds.”

Genocide It has been described by the United Nations Conference on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide as “a crime committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, ethnic or religious group.”

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