England trained 17,000 Ukrainian soldiers in one year

More than 17,000 new Ukrainian soldiers have been trained in a year in a program led by the United Kingdom as part of supporting Kiev in the face of Russian aggression, British Defense announced on Monday (26 June). The program for recruits with little or no military experience consists of providing a minimum of five weeks of training, including weapons handling, first aid, law of war, patrol tactics and training in a rural environment. It was implemented by the United Kingdom along with forces from nine other countries. Follow our life.

Wagner’s forces withdraw from Russia. Militants of the paramilitary group left on Sunday Voronezh and Lipetsk regions south of Moscow, according to local authorities. To avoid spillage, they started withdrawing the previous day “Russian Blood”In the words of Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Moscow is under anti-terror surveillance. Although Wagner’s attempted rebellion failed, The There is an “Anti-Terrorism Action Regime”. In practice in the Russian capital and its territory. Heavy police patrols are in place on the way out of the city, and Monday will be a public holiday.

kyiv reports developments in Bagmouth. A spokesman said the Ukrainian army had advanced a little over a kilometer to the south and north of the city. Independence of KievSunday.

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