Vladimir Putin seeks anti-Western support from Xi Jinping

In his first foreign trip since January 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping has chosen to visit Central Asia. First in Kazakhstan – where he launched a major infrastructure project called the “New Silk Roads” in 2013 – then in Uzbekistan on September 15 and 16 to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (OCS) summit in Samarkand. According to the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to meet there on Thursday.

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The two leaders have called each other but have not met since the launch “Special Military Operation” Russian in Ukraine on February 24. But a few days ago, on February 4, they signed an important strategic agreement in Beijing emphasizing cooperation. “unlimited” between their two countries. It is not known whether Vladimir Putin discussed his intention to invade Ukraine with Xi Jinping at the time. “When Russia launched a war against Ukraine, it did not take into account the interests or reactions of Beijing or other countries, and therefore did not base its actions on the support of one or the other”says Temur Umarov, an expert on Sino-Russian relations and Central Asia at the Carnegie Endowment in Moscow.

Today, Vladimir Putin is looking for support from his Chinese counterpart, not in speech. “Russia is trying to push China into a dialogue of conflict against the West (…). What Putin expects from the Samarkand summit is an open endorsement of Beijing’s rhetoric against global American hegemony.The researcher continues.

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“Friendly” and “normal” relations with Moscow

Since February 24, China has shared a reading of the conflict promoted by Moscow, arguing that the origin of the conflict comes from NATO’s expansion in Central Europe. However, while Beijing condemns Western sanctions, it does not violate them. In an editorial published in a Chinese daily on September 14 Global Times Explain that “China was never involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict”She has “Always supported respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries”The paper reflects the party’s position.

In China Daily, Xu Wenrong, a member of the Academy of Sciences, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party in English, insists on Thursday. “Neutrality” insists that China and Beijing “Expresses its sympathy for the victims of the conflict and provides material assistance to help Ukraine overcome the crisis”. However, the author recalled the importance of Beijing’s good relations with neighboring Russia, with which China shares 4,300 kilometers of borders. “friendly” But “Normal” With Moscow, far from any lyrics.

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