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We got your nomination spoilers In round 4 of Celebrity Big Brother 3 The new head of the family took over after that Friday night endurance competition With amazing results on its own. Now after a busy day at the feeds, we may have more surprises on our way Central Bank of Bahrain 3.

Earlier this afternoon, we saw Misha and Todrick begin their plan to turn Carson and Cynthia into Shana. Well, that would never work, right? right?? oh my. Carson and Cynthia seem to have devoured what Maisha and Todrick had to offer, but he hasn’t completely changed course yet in terms of these nominations.

Celebrity Big Brother Nominations 3 Round 4:

  • Carson nominated: Misha and Todd

So Todrick and Carson seem to have worried Cynthia and Carson that Shana is a snake in the turf, but Misha’s plan was that she would keep going to the block area, preferably with Todrick, so he would surely play for Vito, and then they could blind Shana Crinum sends it. Well, looks like Carson wanted to stick with his own deal not to bring up Todrick after they both agreed to it on the wall.

And since the Noms party, it’s become clear that Cynthia isn’t just interested in Shana, she’s totally convinced. It’s sad how naive Cynthia has become today because of this, but she totally believes in tricks from Misha and Todrick. Good gameplay for these two, but just horrible crap from Cynthia.

It’s another very short round of Big brother Here’s with the next eviction on Monday night (and another episode on Sunday), so there’s not much time to resolve this craziness, but you never know. Will Carson fall for their trick? Can Shana stop this before he takes over? Must be a fun weekend to watch live feeds!

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What do you think of these shots? Smart choices by HOH or a missed opportunity? Share your thoughts below.

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