To the British Secretary of Defense, there is the “smell of Munich.”

Ben Wallace mentions the treaties signed in 1938 between Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy, through which all three democracies ceded the Czechoslovak territories to Hitler. He points to the weakness of the West in the face of the Russian threat.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said there was a “yes”.The smell of Munich in the airRegarding Ukraine, it refers to the 1938 agreement with Nazi Germany, which failed to prevent World War II. Russia can launch an attack at any timeWith about 130,000 troops stationed on the Ukrainian border, the minister traveled to Moscow on Friday to plead for a reduction in the expansion. In an interview with the Sunday Times.

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He (Putin) can park his tanks and we will all go home, but there is the sound of Munich in the air coming from some Westerners.“, He added.

The Munich Agreement, which allowed German annexation of Swedenland, a territory in eastern Germany, former Czechoslovakia, has gone down in history as a sign of the diplomatic surrender of European democracies in the face of Germany the previous year. War broke out.

The forerunner of the Crimea

Brandon Lewis, the British Minister for Northern Ireland, explained that his colleague Ben Wallace had done so.A comparison between the diplomatic efforts in World War II approach and the diplomatic efforts we all make nowAround Ukraine.

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Before World War II,There were a lot of diplomatic efforts, people thought there was progress but it was not“, Lewis explained on SkyNews on SundayDiplomatic decision“Corn”Something very sad can happen“, He worried.

Moscow, which had already annexed Crimea in 2014, denies any aggression aimed at Ukraine, but continued demands have been reduced, especially on the assurance that Kiev will never join NATO. A condition that Westerners cannot accept.

Several rounds of talks have failed in recent days toward a solution to the crisis, which the West describes as one of the most dangerous since the end of the Cold War three decades ago.

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