France lifts some restrictions despite the high number of cases

From this Wednesday, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory outside and teleworking is no longer prescribed, but recommended.

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As promised, the government will begin on Wednesday, February 2, to remove restrictions attached to the Covit-19 to lighten the daily lives of the French. Following the two-step schedule announced at the end of January, the country is capturing either the UK or Denmark.

From this Wednesday onwards, wearing a mask outside will no longer be mandatory, nor will measurements be dropped from the seated public, especially in venues and cultural institutions, and teleworking will no longer be charged, but recommended. In two weeks, nightclubs closed from December 10 to February 16 will be reopened and standing concerts will be re-recognized. Consumption at the counter is also possible at the bars. Like consumption in theaters, theaters and transport.

The government has not made it a condition to remove these restrictions on the evolution of the health condition. In the eyes of the authorities, the threat of the Omigran variant is now less dangerous because it is less dangerous than its predecessors, however highly contagious. In an average of seven days, 322,256 cases were registered, compared to 366, according to the latest statistics. A week ago 179. The number of patients in intensive care was almost constant at one week – from 3,741 on Tuesday to 3,751 – and hospital admissions continue to increase.

“Over the past few days, we have seen a weak reversal of this trend, with fewer cases being reported each day than there were seven days ago.”, Government spokesman Gabriel Attal underlined in France on Tuesday. One “The most encouraging signal”, However, it felt like calling “Be careful”Especially due to the sub variant of Omigron, “BA.2, highly contagious”, This seems to have delayed the peak of pollution in other countries.

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