Series of resignations in Boris Johnson’s entourage due to “partygate”

The names of three of them have been mentioned in the inquiry Parties on Downing Street British people in complete blockade during the Govt-19 epidemic. Boris Johnson’s CEO, British Prime Minister Dan Rosenfield, his Principal Private Secretary Martin Reynolds, his Communications Director Jack Doyle and his political adviser Munira Mirza resigned on Thursday, February 3. Martin Reynolds sent an email to a hundred people calling for a drink in May 2020.

After delivery Definitely apologized to the House of Commons Following the outrageous statement made by senior civil servant Sue Gray earlier this week, Boris Johnson announced that he was going to restructure his services, without silencing the criticism he was subjected to.

The Prime Minister thanked Martin Reynolds and Dan Rosenfield “Significant contribution to government”Including their work for epidemic and economic recovery, a spokesman said in a statement. “They will remain in place until their heirs are appointed”He added.

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False accusations against the labor leader

Munira Mirza slammed Boris Johnson for the accusation “Wrong” After releasing a bad internal report on these meetings on Downing Street, he blamed himself on the opposition leader when he defended himself in parliament. “Mistakes of leadership”.

The Prime Minister has accused Labor leader Khair Stormer of allowing the late former BBC star, Pedofil Jimmy Chavez, to escape justice while heading the British Attorney’s Office.

The use of this accusation, widespread in conspiracy and far-right circles, caused a stir. Khair Stormer accused Boris Johnson of repeating “Fascist conspiracy theories to get cheap political points”. “There is no reasonable or reasonable basis for this claim.”Munira Mirza, head of Downing Street’s policy division, wrote in her resignation letter published on the newspaper’s website. Viewer.

It’s a “Impartial and inappropriate reference to the horrific case of child sexual abuse”, Said. Even if he calls it so, “You did not apologize for the misconception you gave”She continued.

Munira Mirza, a former member of the defunct Revolutionary Communist Party, worked with Boris Johnson, who was mayor of London between 2008 and 2016.

According to the tabloid Daily MailJack DoyleBoris Johnson’s director of communications said that two years after coming to Downing Street in 2020, it was his intention to first step down from the role of junior and that his family life has been greatly affected by this scandal in recent weeks.

Downing Street featured “Thanks” From Boris Johnson to these two former advisers “Contribution to Government”.

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Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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