François-Xavier Bellamy: The man who dared to challenge Scholz (and Macron).

In this new week, macaroni has outdone himself in what Gabriel Clusel so aptly calls “Theatre of the Absurd”, and where we oscillate between despair and anger, a little kindness on Twitter pointed to the tip of his nose: the intervention of François-Xavier Bellamy in the European Parliament, in Strasbourg. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The row was not picked up by the French media: new proof of their blindness and their prejudices? However, it was viewed over one million three hundred thousand times on Twitter and was picked up by several German JTs. And there was only Elliot Deval that day CNewsOn Friday evening, to return to a historic speech that unfortunately passed under the media radar.

May 9 – Europe Day – The leader of LR MEPs in Strasbourg actually questioned Olaf Scholz about Germany’s role in the crises we are facing. In a speech based on a rational analysis of realities, he calmly denounced the German double game on the major issues of the day without holding back. On the economy, imposing austerity on shareholders and a massive support program for the German economy; In foreign policy, he negotiates with China to protect German interests; Energy policy that shut down nuclear power to reopen coal mines; And, finally, immigration. Bellamy concluded his intervention by quoting Hannah Arendt in German: “A crisis can only become a disaster if we respond to it with prepared ideas. »

But François-Xavier Bellamy’s courage did not stop with this criticism of Germany. Because this German hypocrisy is combined with the own hypocrisy between the national and European positions of Emmanuel Macron and his troops. Especially in immigration, as shown by Marc Baudrillard.

These days, with his unexpected proposal for a moratorium on environmental standards, Macron has provided further evidence of this hypocrisy, which Bellamy has also condemned.

The sounds of the pans and the gestures of Thurman were far away, this May 9 in Strasbourg! It seemed like a different era of politics. I don’t know if he is the one waiting for us. But in any case, amid the mounting storms, François-Xavier Bellamy’s voice will be needed more than ever. Macronism, for six years, has systematically driven the French to anger and despair. François-Xavier Bellamy wants to unmask him and bring the voice of reason, consistency and courage to defeat him.

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