Here is the fastest accelerating Mercedes-AMG ever: the new AMG GT hybrid

The first sight

The 63 SE's performance gets a really long name, and a very short 0-62 mph time

Published: April 20, 2024

Have you been doing breathing exercises? good. Deep breath now, because this is officially known as the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance. Yes we agree.

However, the AMG GT LongName is also the fastest accelerating AMG model. any AMG model – for all times. That's because it's capable of going from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds, a full tenth faster than the longer four-door Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance. Yes, we agree on that too.

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Revealed at the Chinese Grand Prix – no doubt because Merc-AMG's F1 team may have been considering running it in place of the troubled W15 – the new range-topping GT gets the very complex AMG V8 hybrid powertrain setup we've seen deployed On the four doors is a car.

So it blends the familiar 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with an electric motor and battery for a total of 805 hp (down from 831 hp in the 4dr) and a whopping 1,047 lb-ft of torque. The latter two electronic units are mounted on the rear axle for better weight distribution, and the battery itself is quite small: 6.1 kWh, although it has cells that are individually cooled, if that gets you excited.

Speaking of which, the very interesting e-motor comes mated to a two-speed gearbox and a limited slip differential. It's capable of delivering 200 horsepower silently to the rear axle when setting off, or to the front axle via Merc's all-wheel drive setup when there's too much slip at the rear, or as a boost when accelerating. Which he can do very quickly.

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Do it slowly, and AMG reckons you'll be able to cover up to eight miles in EV tune. Which you probably won't do. This is mainly because the car has been prepared using strategies derived from Merc's F1 team. No, not the lack of consistency in the same turns, but giving the driver maximum power at all times.

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There are eight modes, all self-explanatory: Electric, Battery Hold, Comfort, Slippery, Sport, Sport+, Race and Individual. They all adjust the powertrain, gearbox, steering, damping and even noise. In each one, the battery can be recharged right from start-off (due to this cooling setting) right through to applying the big AMG performance brakes.

There are plenty of AMG technologies introduced in the new GT LongName, such as semi-active roll stabilization on the active dampers, and active rear steering. There's an active antenna of course, hidden at the bottom of the car and not quite hidden at the back as an extendable rear spoiler.

While we're out of the new GT, we can tell you there's a new auxiliary load cover, new dual trapezoidal grooved tailpipes, plenty of “E Performance” badging, 20-inch alloy wheels and the option of a variety of trim packages to choose from. .

“From zero to 100 in 2.8 seconds – no model in the AMG series has ever gone so fast before,” said AMG President Michael Shippey. “The GT 63 SE Performance combines tremendous performance with a highly dynamic driving experience, thus creating pure awe.”

It also combines a huge name with a headache for anyone who tries to type it frequently. The amazing thing though, isn't it?

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