How to watch Roku’s Weird Al on any device

It’s time for everyone to learn The (fictional) story of a lovable parody artist Ward Al JankovicThanks to his new autobiography, Which Stars Daniel Radcliffe as Al himself. while the The trailer for the movie got fans excitedIn fact, watching the movie is a bit confusing, considering that it’s only available on Roku . channel. Fortunately, the Roku channel is easy to access (and free), so watch Stranger: The Jankovic Story It should come in handy by the time it’s released on November 4th.

How to get Roku channel

The Roku channel is available on a variety of different devices. Of course, anything Roku-branded, like TVs or streaming devices, can get the channel. It is also available on Samsung Smart TVs, web browsers, some Amazon Fire TVs and as an app on both iOS and Android.

How to Watch Stranger: The Jankovic Story

Once the movie actually comes out on November 4, watch it amazing It should be as easy as finding it in the Roku menu. Given that this is likely to be the biggest Roku original movie ever made, it will likely come with some heavy promotion on the app.

Is the Roku channel free?

It’s free, for the most part. There are a few programming bundle add-ons that you can put on top, but most of the service’s movies and TV shows are free with ads running in the middle of the programming.

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