In Warsaw, Joe Biden’s text on Ukraine was described as historically significant

In the courtyard of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, in the presence of several hundred guests, he was repeatedly praised on Saturday, March 26, for inspiring the legendary characters of the Polish struggle for democracy, such as Joe Biden, John Paul II and Lek Walesa. On the screen fitted outside, a small crowd was able to follow live US President’s Statements on the Ukraine War.

” dont fear “ : Joe Biden begins his sermon of about thirty minutes, recalling the words of Pope John Paul II during his first visit to Poland in 1979. “Words that changed the world”The White House host stressed. “A year later, the Solidarity movement took root. This war of independence is not easy, it is long. ⁇ Joe Biden also spoke about the identity of a city, Warsaw “Where Freedom Exists”. This led to the 85% destruction of the left bank of the Polish capital during World War II. The royal fortress, which did not escape Nazi bombings, was rebuilt by Communist forces like the old city.

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“The rule of law, free and fair elections (…) Freedom of the press. These are essential principles in a free society. But they were always under siege (…) The battles in Kiev, Melitopol and Kharkiv were the last battles of a long battle., The 79-year-old Democrat leader continued, listing the infiltrations of Soviet Warsaw Treaty tanks: in Hungary and Poland, in 1956, in Czechoslovakia in 1968; Or even the 1981 martial law in Poland.

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Vladimir Putin “can not last in power”

Returns to XXIAnd In the century, Joe Biden insisted on removing the Kremlin’s current ratings “Denunciation” Vladimir Putin described the forthcoming expansion of Ukraine and NATO as a threat to Russia – and reaffirmed his support for the affected Qi. “Brutal power and misinformation to quench the thirst for absolute power”. The US President recalled the efforts of Western countries to oppose the Russian occupation: the imposition of sanctions on the one hand, and the military, economic and humanitarian aid provided to the Ukrainians on the other. The US President also resumed his pledges to address Russia the day before during a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda: “Do not think for a second about moving an inch in the NATO region. We have a sacred duty under Section 5 (…) Of NATO “.

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