Israel/Gaza: Ceasefire after tense night

Israel and Palestinian terror groups reached a cease-fire after a night of tension in which dozens of rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza and an IDF response in which 16 terrorist positions were destroyed by the air force.

104 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel in 24 hours. In response, the Israeli military targeted terrorist tunnels, weapons caches and Hamas military outposts. During the night, rocket alarms rang out incessantly in the border towns of the Gaza Strip.

The siren sounded nearly 35 times in the south since Tuesday morning.

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that 58-year-old Hashel Mubarak was killed and five others were wounded.

State camp leader and former defense minister Benny Gantz is visiting the Shaar Hanekev Regional Council and the industrial area near Sterod this morning.

Addressing the media at 11.45 am.

After what was considered a very weak response by the Jewish People’s Party, the party decided not to participate in the Knesset vote today and will hold a special meeting in the city of Sterod.

The opposition considers the military’s response too weak.

“Our government continues the policy of the previous government – Gaza does not pay the price that Hamas charges in the south”

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104 rockets were fired from Gaza: 11 fell into the sea, 14 fell into Gaza, 24 were successfully intercepted, and 48 fell into wasteland.

New rocket warning in south despite ceasefire

Classes will be held this Wednesday morning in areas near Gaza

In Sterod, two people were injured while running for shelters

Implications were found in a house in Hof Ashkelon

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