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The first explosion occurred at the entrance to Jerusalem, the second at the Ramot junction

Jerusalem was hit by two bomb attacks on Wednesday morning. The first blast occurred at a bus stop at the Kivat Saul junction near the city’s western entrance and another at the Ramot junction in northern Jerusalem, killing one person and injuring 18, three of them critically.

ScreenshotA bus stop at the entrance to Jerusalem where the first explosion occurred on November 23, 2022

The explosion occurred near a bus stop on Sharee Jerusalem Street in Jerusalem at around 7:00 am local time. Magen David Adom’s doctors and paramedics treated 12 injured people at the scene, two in critical condition, two in critical condition and others in varying degrees. The injured were taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem and Sharee Tsetek hospitals. The man, believed to be a young man, died of his injuries at Shere Dzetek Medical Center. A large number of policemen have been deployed at the scene. The circumstances of the explosion are under investigation, but it appears that agricultural equipment was used as the primary explosive, given the considerable amount of smoke emitted. It was the first attack in the Orthodox neighborhood during the busy period.

Ihud Hatzla spokesmen
Ihud Hatzla spokesmenNovember 23, 2022 Entry into Jerusalem after the explosion

A second explosion occurred about 25 minutes later at Ramot Crossroads. 3 people suffered minor injuries and were treated at the spot. The circumstances of the first explosion are under investigation. Sources on the cause of the second blast are conflicting, with some citing explosives attached to a motorcycle and others leaving a bag full of explosives at the bus stop, police said.

The two explosive charges left in the bags are telephonically activated and are very similar. Both bombs had a large number of spikes to cause maximum casualties. Police Commissioner Gobi Shabdai rushed to the spot and said two terrorists might be involved. Three Palestinians suspected of involvement in the attacks have been arrested.

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Olivier Fitousil/Flash90
Olivier Fitousil/Flash90Police and security personnel at the scene of an explosion at the Ramot intersection in Jerusalem on November 23, 2022.

“The Zionist occupation is paying the price today for the crimes and aggression against our people and Al-Aqsa Mosque. Our people will not remain silent after seeing this, Al-Aqsa’s anger will explode and spread to all areas,” said Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif al-Kano.

The decision was made to close the Gilboa (Jelma) and Salem crossings in the Jenin region following an assessment of the security situation conducted by Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Wednesday morning.

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